J. W. Petree


A great looking J. W. Petree from the start of his career. A true sneaky with no inlays or or joint trim. Just a very clean black ebony into straight grain Maple. Petree is known for making his own full spliced blanks and ever cue he makes is one of a kind. Two inches longer than the standard cue and does not show any signs of wear. The butt is ding free and the shaft is very smooth. Great collector.



Condition: Excellent
Weight: 19.7 oz.
Butt: 15.9 oz. / 29- 3/4″
Wrap: None
Length: 60-1/4″
Joint: 3/8 Radial
shaft: 12.9 mm. / 3.8 oz. / 30-1/2″