Jerry Olivier Jump / Break


This cue has seen a lot of play but has not been abused. It has several nicks in the finish. As far as playability, this is a great cue. It rolls straight together and apart. Jumps great and smashes on the break. Purple Heart into Birds Eye Maple. We just want to be up-front and say this cue is not a show piece but a very functional custom built jump/break.

“Fast and easy. Another great transaction. Thanks again.”  John / Detroit, Michigan



Condition: 70% / Played
Weight: Break 19.3 oz. / Jump 9.8 oz.
Butt: Break 15.6 oz. / Jump 6.1 oz.
Wrap: None
Length: Break 58-3/8″  /  Jump 44-1/2″
Joint: 3/8 Radial
Shaft: 12.8 mm. / 3.7 oz. / 29-5/8″ Phenolic Tip