Tony Sauer


A beauty of a cue from Tony Sauer. Great looking color work in the veneers with Rosewood points and butt sleeve. Straight grain forearm and black phenolic collars. Tony is known for building no nonsense, great hitting cues. He also does inlays and terrific ring work. This is a great price on a 2 shaft custom. Tony’s cues are gaining in notoriety and we predict will climbing in value in the near future. For more information on Tony go to our “News & Interviews” for a great 20 question interview and slide show of some of his work.

“The cues look fantastic! They arrived in great shape and were packed very well.”  Davor / Croatia   



Condition: New
Wrap: Leather
Weight: 18.7 oz.
Butt: 15.1 oz.
Length: 57-1/2″
Balance: 18-1/2″
Joint Pin: 3/8-10
Material: Stainless
Diameter: 0.84″
Shaft 1: 12.9 mm. / 28-3/4″ / 3.5 oz.
Shaft 2: 12.9 mm. / 28-3/4″ / 3.7 oz.