McDermott Stinger NG01 Jump/Break


Here’s a great find for someone in the market for a good jump/break. This cue is in great condition and was well taken care of. These cues retail for $178.50 and that’s without the set of joint protectors. At this price you can stop settling on a bar cue as your breaker. Our price on this cue includes shipping.



Condition: Great
Wrap: None
Weight: 17.9 oz. as Break / 9.5 oz. as Jump
Weight Adjustable with McDermott Weight Bolt / Not included
Butt: 13.7 oz.
Length: 58″
Balance: 20-14″
Joint Pins: 3/8-10 & Quick Release Jump Joint
Material: Wood to Wood
Diameter: 0.85″
Shaft: 13 mm. / 29-1/2″ / 4.2 oz.