Ned Morris


No matter whats on the surface; plain Jane or fully loaded, Ned has a highly regarded reputation for building cues that play great. The diamonds in the forearm and joint protectors are all natural, as are the tops of the protectors. We have to point out that the top of the butt joint protector has been cracked. Probably dropped on a hard surface. It can easily be repaired for around twenty dollars. The shafts feel brand new and this cue hits! All of Ned’s cues are collectible and so is this one, but this is also a serious cue for a serious player.

“Smooth transaction! Good guy to buy from.”  Jeff / Ewa Beach, Hawaii




Condition: Excellent
Weight: 19 oz.
Wrap: Linen
Length: 58″
Joint: 3/8 – 10
Shafts: 2 – both are 12.4 mm.