Tim Scruggs “96″


This cue shows signs of play, but not abuse. A great-looking merry widow with a lot of eyes in the maple. The wrap is double pressed, very flat. The shafts are original to this cue and have melamine ferrules making it a great cue for our overseas market. This cue Has been getting a lot of looks so we shot new / bigger  pictures and replaced the old. We also had the shafts restored, removing the chips around the collars. Notice the last two pictures. We strive to sell only the best of quality in our cues and cases.



Condition: Played
Weight: 18 oz.
Wrap: Pressed linen
Length: 58″
Joint: 5/16 – 14
Shafts: 2 – 12.3 mm.  / 12.5 mm