Brand new Bob Manzino four pointer. The veneers are stunning. Black, reddish orange, and blue over ebony points. The small diamond inlays in the points and butt are real silver. It’s cool how Bob takes small accents and makes them stand out by using quality materials. And he uses quality materials through out with the all natural inlays and ferrules. Not to mention the premium wrap. The quality goes beyond the materials and into the construction. All of the dashes in the rings line up perfectly with the points and inlays. It’s little things like that that put Bob’s cues above some many others. Then there’s the playability. The hit compares with any of the best cues out there. His cues are sought after around the world. This cue is new. It came from a private collection and is unplayed.



Condition: New/Unused
Weight: 19oz
Length: 58”
Wrap: Elephant Ear
Joint Pin: 3/8-12 Stainless
Material: Implex
Diameter: .860
Butt Length: 29”     Weight: 15.4oz
Balance: 18”
Shaft 1 Size: 12.9mm  Length: 29”  Weight: 3.6oz  Ferrule: Natural
Shaft 2 Size: 12.9mm  Length: 29”  Weight: 3.7oz  Ferrule: Natural