Richard Black Merry Widow


A very fine example of a merry widow cue. Simple classic. The finish and wrap are original. When it was made it was a one shaft cue. Notice the thicker ring in the original shaft. The single owner of this cue had the second shaft made by Richard some 10 years ago. Both shafts have new Kamikaze brown medium tips. What this cue lacks in bling, it more than makes up for it hit. A Richard Black steel joint hit. Whether it’s a plainer cue such as this, or a loaded monster, Richard’s cues always have that amazing hit. If your a merry widow collector, don’t let this one pass you by.
We replaced the original weight bolt of this cue with an aluminum bolt, lightening the original weight of the cue by 1-1/10 ounces. The original weight bolt will be included with the sale of this cue.



Condition: Very Fine Original
Weight: 19.1 oz with Aluminum Bolt
Length: 57-1/2”
Wrap: Linen
Joint Pin: 5/16-14
Material: Steel
Diameter: 0.816”
Butt Length: 28-3/4”         Weight: 15.5 oz
Balance: 17-3/4”
Shaft 1 Size: 12.07 mm  Length: 28-3/4”  Weight: 3.6 oz  Ferrule: Aegis
Shaft 2 Size: 12.68 mm  Length: 28-7/8”  Weight: 3.6 oz  Ferrule: Aegis
*Aluminum Weight Bolt and Screw .5 oz / Original Weight Bolt and Screw 1.6 oz