Dick Lanz Titlist Conversion


Our friend Dick Lanz hits a home run with this Beautiful Hoppe Conversion. Everything a great conversion should have, brilliant color in the veneers, intact name and weight number. Dick even managed to use the original pin for the joint. Ferrules, joint, and Hoppe ring are all natural material. The tips are Moori mediums. The rubber bumper can easily be removed for that classic bumperless Hoppe look. Comes with the matching set of custom joint protectors. The weight bolt bolt can be shortened to reduce the weight. The butt is slightly thicker than most cues by .04″ / 1.2 mm.

“Shipping was really fast. Thanks. Pretty cue!” ┬áMark / Cottonwood, Arizona



Condition: New
Wrap: Textured Leather
Weight: 19.6 oz.
Butt: 15.6 oz.
Length: 58″
Balance: 17-1/4″
Joint Pin: 5/16-14
Material: Natural Over Wood
Diameter: 0.83″
Shaft 1: 12.8 mm. / 29″ / 4 oz.
Shaft 2: 12.8 mm. / 29″ / 4 oz.