Ariel Carmeli


A stunning 2 shaft cue from Ariel with very dark Ebony butt sleeve and points into rich Brazilian Tulip wood. This cue boasts twenty one total large all natural inlays. Six points, three high and three low. It has a very soft Spanish Bull leather wrap. Three very thin veneers; light-black-light. Ariel’s cues are some of the hottest sellers on the market. This cue has a very rich masculine look to it and it plays like a Carmeli. If you ever get the chance to hit a ball with a Carmeli cue, do so. Ariel builds by far one of the best hitting cues being made today.

“The cue is in the 95-100% condition range. It has a phenomenal feel. It was a pleasure buying from you and you have by far the best layaway deal on the market!” ┬áRick / McPherson, Kansas



Condition: Excellent
Weight: 18.6 oz.
Butt: 14.6 oz.
Length: 58″
Balance: 18-7/8″
Wrap: Spanish Bull
Joint Pin: 3/8 – 10
Diameter: 0.85″
Shaft 1: 13 mm. / 29″ / 4.0 oz.
Shaft 2: 13 mm. / 29″ / 4.0 oz.