Frank Paradise


Here we have a great looking collectible from one of the original pioneers of custom cue making. Frank Paradise. Frank got his start  building and designing cues back in 1948 in Brooklyn NY and then later in New Jersey. His cues grew fast in popularity with major east coast player. Mainly due to his location and the decades they were made. Continental mail order was really not a way of doing business yet, and it was way before the internet. This cue has had a complete restoration by Scot Sherbine of Proficient Billiards. The cue comes with it’s original shaft, but Scot did make a new shaft for it using the wood from a vintage shaft. The original integrity of this cue was maintained in the restoration, from the joint down to the butt cap. The only part replaced was the clear window in the Butt sleeve. This cue does have a credit card of lift at the joint. If you have been looking for a Frank Paradise cue to expand your collection, this one is available at a super price.



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Condition: Restored
Weight: 19.9oz
Length: 57-1/2”
Wrap: Leather
Joint Pin: 5/16-18
Material: Brass
Diameter: .767”
Butt Length: 28-1/2”     Weight: 16.1oz
Balance: 16-1/2”
Shaft 1 Size: 13.1mm  Length: 29” Weight: 3.8oz  Ferrule: Natural Material
Shaft 2: Unrestored original shaft