Dennis Dieckman “Kitty Kat Kue”


A must have for any Dieckman cue collector. This is truly a work of art by a man who has said that he is an artist first. Mahogany and Padux wood points with stich rings at A, B, D, and E. Notice the different colored whiskers on each side of the butt sleeve. A beautiful cue that can be used for pocket and three cushion billiards. Of all four shafts only the one billiard shaft seems to have any play and is very clean and ding-free. Dennis is by far one of the most interesting cue builders out there. He is an avid lover of cats making this a special cue of his creation. He never uses ivory in any of his cues making this cue an international traveler. This cue is way below market price and will only gain value with time. At this price this cue will not be here long.

“Thanks for the Dieckman cue. I am very satisfied with the transaction, especially our easy and frequent communication and your follow through on everything you said you would do.”  Ho / Singapore  



Condition: Pristine
Weight: Butt – 14.9 oz.
Wrap: Mahogany and Padux
Length: Butt – 30″
Joint: 5/16 – 14
Shafts: 4   Listed Below

Shaft 1: Billiard 5.1 oz. – 28 & 1/2″ – 12.3 mm. Light Bluing with New Le Pro Medium Tip and Conicle Taper
Shaft 2: Billiard 5 oz. – 28 & 5/8″ – 12.4 mm. Little if any play with New Le Pro Medium Tip and Conical Taper
Shaft 3: Pool 4.4 oz. – 29 & 1/8″ – 12.7 mm. Little play with Pro Taper
Shaft 4: Pool 4.4 oz. – 29 & 1/8″ – 12.7 mm. Little play with Pro Taper