Tony Layne Jump Cue Hazelnut #47


A brand new and very rare Tony Layne Jump cue. Tony only made a few of these cues do to the dwindling availability of Dymond Wood. The color of this cue is Hazelnut #47 and it is stunning. Tony paid great attention to detail in the making of this particular cue.┬áNotice how the grain in the Dymond Wood plies line up. The wood plies even line up on the TL matching custom joint protectors. Don’t overlook the cool Hoppe style butt with it’s polished weight bolt. This cue comes with a G-10 ferrule tip. If you are like the Dymond Wood for jumping but don’t like the G-10 for breaking, hear is the perfect jump cue.



Condition: New
Wrap: None
Weight: 13.8 oz.
Length: 42″
Joint Pin: 3/8-10 Stainless Steel
Diameter: 0.84″
Shaft: 12.8 mm. / 29.5″ / 6.5 oz.