Tony Layne Conversion


Here’s a truly great cue. This is a conversion cue by Tony Layne. This was a project cue that Tony did personally for us. It was made from a pre 1945 Willie Hoppe Titlist one piece cue. It is listed in Excellent condition, and not new, only because the butt was played with using another Layne shaft. The shafts are full and un-played. They have Moori Mediums and thick black pads. All the white is natural. The wood is a very dark Rosewood and the color in the points is vibrant. Notice the old school thick .060″ nickel rings in the collars and in the matching joint protectors. It comes with the option of a rubber bumper for safe play on hard floors. We have included lots of pictures of the progression of this cue. Notice the changes that where made along the way. Tony decided to pass on the decal. The wrap selection went from textured black to a dark brown Spanish bull print. A lot of work went into the weight bolt. This cue has a slimmer handle with a the butt cap measuring 1.235″. A pricey upgrade by other cue makers. You don’t see cues like this every day. If you are a conversion enthusiast don’t let this cue get away.



Condition: Excellent
Weight: 18.9 / 19.3 oz. Depending on Shaft
Length: 58”
Wrap: Leather
Joint Pin: 3/8-10
Material: Natural
Diameter: .847”
Butt Length: 29”     Weight: 14.9 oz.
Balance: 18-1/2” / 19-1/4” Depending on Shaft
Shaft 1 Size: 13 mm      Length: 29”   Weight: 3.8 oz.
Shaft 2 Size: 13.3 mm   Length: 29”   Weight: 4.4 oz.