Robert Harris Cue


A very sharp looking cue from Bob Harris. This cue has been played but is in great condition. Tiffany style notched diamonds with barbells. The teal, blue and black veneers are great combination. The bull print leather is very soft. This cue has a very solid hit and the weight on this cue can be easily adjusted. The joint protectors with matching inlays complete this cue nicely. The joint and butt cap appear to be Juma along with all the white inlay.

“The cue came today and it is outstanding! I absolutely love it. The hit and the shaft taper just fits me perfectly. Thank you so much.”  Tommy / Fresno, California




Condition: Great
Wrap: Leather
Weight: 18.8 oz.
Length: 58″
Butt: 15.2 oz. / 29″
Joint Pin: 3/8-10 Modified
Material: Juma
Diameter: 0.85″
Shaft 1: 12.5 mm. / 29″ / 3.5 oz.
Shaft 2: 12.7 mm. / 29″ / 3.7 oz.