Meucci Original


We honestly don’t know much about Meuccis, but this cue has to be from the late 70′s due to its color. It sat in a closet for almost twenty years until we got it from its second owner. We have done hours of research and have never seen an Original that is an exact match to this one. It has the most intense yellowing of Meucci’s old finish we have ever seen. We have heard a lot of opinions from a lot of collectors, but nobody has ever produced a picture of an exact copy of this cue. A great cue for the unique Meucci collector.




Condition: Vintage / Fine
Weight: 18.8 oz. / 19.4 oz. depending on shaft
Butt: 15.5 oz.
Wrap: Covered Linen
Length: 58″
Balance: 17-3/4″
Joint: 5/16 – 18
Diameter: 0.825″
Shaft 1: 11.2 mm. / 3.3 oz.
Shaft 2: 12 mm. / 3.9 oz.