Brunswick Willie Hoppe Professional


A definite time capsule cue. It looks as though it has been refinished. However; there are no dents, dings or scratches under the finish that would suggest that it was refinished. The veneers are flat and without luster suggesting that it was not recently sanded. Not a dent or ding on the shaft also. The blemish in the wood above the 22 is just that. It is not a burn, scratch or filled dent. It is just a character mark in the wood from a time when such things did not matter to those who where making the cues.  You could use it for a conversion but in this condition it makes a very fine collectible. The shaft has a less than 16th of an inch taper that does not affect play. When the shaft is rolled on our table the center does not touch. It is that slight of a taper. We don’t know the history on this cue but sometimes cues just have a way of not getting played and then resurfacing. If you’re looking for a Hoppe for your collection don’t pass this one up.



Condition: 90%
Weight: 21.2 oz.
Wrap: Leather
Length: 58″
Joint: 5/16 -14
Shafts: 1 – 13 mm.