Josh Treadway


Beautiful Ebony Nosed Bridge Point Hoppe from Josh Treadway. Josh said he has only made a few bridge point cues. The wrap is authentic Cortland #9. All the white is natural including the joint protectors. Shaft 2 is unplayed while shaft 1 only has a few hours on it. Both shafts were hand selected by Josh from his reserves of over 1500 pieces of stock. Both have Searing medium tips and have a snug compression fit. The natural over steel joint provides a hit with tremendous feedback. With Ebony nosed cues being so popular, this cue is bargain priced. Seems like just yesterday Josh was being talked about as the new guy with promise. He has definitely kept his promise.



Condition: Excellent
Weight: 19 oz
Length: 58”
Wrap: Linen
Joint Pin: 5/16-14
Material: Natural over Steel
Diameter: 845”
Butt Length: 29”     Weight: 14.5 oz
Balance: 19-1/2”
Shaft 1 Size: 13.1 mm   Length: 29”   Weight: 4.4 oz
Shaft 2 Size: 13.1 mm   Length: 29”   Weight: 4.5 oz