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  • It’s George 3×6 Brown Gator Print Leather


    Here’s a great find. An original Mike Roberts, mid nineties, tournament style 3×6 in pristine condition with all the bells and whistles. This case is clean. The corners on the pocket are very clean and scuff free. Just look at the lid and bottom. No bluing in the interior. The inside of the pocket looks to never had anything in it, other than the original jump butt sleeve. This case even comes with the original scuffing tool pouch. The scuffing tool and key are not original to this case but they do complete it nicely. We have only had 3 of these tournament cases for sale in the last five years. This case is the best we have seen. If you ever wanted one in your collection, better grab this one quick. At Custom Billiard Cue we are always striving to bring you the very best.

    “Custom Billiard Cue, Thank you so much! You are a star!”  Charles / China

  • Ron Thomas 1×2 Elephant


    An exotic skin case from the 1×2 tubed case master Ron Thomas. This case is in new condition. Just look at the pictures. Rich deep brown color. Tight seemed with a clean bottom and lid. Smooth grommets and no bluing. The 1×2 case market has seen a great increase in the last couple of years. It’s simple math. More and more great expensive cues are being made while fewer custom cue case makers are producing 1×2 homes for them. Word has it that Ron is still making a few cases. But that’s a very thin, and unsubstantiated word. Here is an opportunity to own a beautiful case for that special cue of yours.

    This Ron Thomas case is amazing! Its tight and new in every respect. A great addition to a collection in need of proper storage for any Monster cue. Thank you so much for the secure and fast shipping! Excellent transaction! Thank you,  Christopher / Arizona
  • It’s George 1×2 Tan Shark Skin


    Another true exotic case. A real shark skin vintage It’s George 1×2 by Mike Roberts. This is a full shark skin case made from very thick skin from a larger shark. Not your typical case made from small grain skin and used on the front and back panel as trim. Very cool creamy light brown color. Has the original strap pad. Other than a few very very light signs of wear, this case is as new as a case of this age gets. Just look at the pictures. Where else are you going to find a case of this caliber for such a low price. Own a monster? Park it in this garage.

  • It’s George 1×2 Black Lizard


    Very nice looking old case that was used only for storage. The pocket corners are like new and there is no chalk residue inside. The only signs of wear are some light scratches on the lid and a few on the bottom . Comes with a diary key that is not original to the case but works just fine. This case is a great addition to any collection.

    “Case received. Very “Minty”. Thanks!”  Mike / California

  • Ron Thomas Case


    If you have been looking for a Thomas lizard print case, here is a beautiful one. This closet case comes from a private collection and was strictly used for storage. The felt interior shows no signs of chalk residue. It can hold up to a 31 inch butt and shafts with caps. These cases in great condition are getting harder to find. Here’s a chance to own one that is like brand new.

  • Tony Viesti 1×2


    This is Tony’s second 1×2 cue case. The first is already in a private collection and his third is for sale here also. Tony Viesti has only been making cue cases for a little over 2-1/2  years now and his work is some of the best we have ever seen. He uses only the finest materials when making all of his cases right down to the imported threads. The leather is very thick and rich. His cases are built to last a lifetime. His work speaks for it’s self as he already has a 1 year waiting list. We don’t know what the future holds for Tony, but if you are a serious case collector, you are going to want one of his cases for your own.

    “I just received my case. My compliments to Tony. I think it’s a beautiful piece of work!! I’ll continue to check out your website, as I feel it’s one of the best out there!!! Thank you,”  Al / Colorado

  • Whitten / Richard Black 1×2


    Classic Whitten 1×2 case with the R-B Richard Black logo. Lightly textured soft black leather. Joe’s logo inside of the lid. This would make a great home for any of Richard’s cues. This case appears to have never had a cue in it. No chalk residue or tell tale signs of impressions on the inside of the lid. It comes with a pickle rod and full set of spacers with the adhesive pads. Save the wait and grab this one while you can.

    Just wanted to let you know I received the case and it is excellent. Thanks again and look forward to doing more business with you in the future.  Cary / North Carolina

  • Budweiser Pool Balls


    Here’s a cool set of billiard balls for the connoisseur of Budweiser beer. These are standard weight and size manufactured by Elephant. This set is used but has very little signs wear. We want to point out that there is a small nick in the cue ball below the “B”. This does not effect play. See Pictures. These sets are no longer being made so this may be your last chance to get a like new set in the original box. This novelty set would make a great gift for the Bud guy or gal in your life. This price includes shipping and processing fees.

  • It’s George 3×6


    A rare It’s George 3×6 in very good condition. You don’t see these come up for sale to often. This is an original Mike Roberts case from around 1995. Everything on the case works as it should. It shows some signs of being used. Light scratches on the lid and bottom. A little rust on the grommets, and some wear on the pouch corners that were expertly re-touched. It comes with the original strap pad and jump butt sleeve. The inner shell is solid and fully intact. This case will make a great addition to any collection. Don’t think long on this one or you will miss out. The price includes USPS insured shipping.

  • Volturi


    A beautiful custom Volturi hair on cowhide case. This case will definitely turn heads. The leather pockets and lid are hand carved. The white in the diamonds on the pockets is hair also. The padded interior provides safe protection for your cues. This a lot of case at a great price.