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  • Steve Price 1×2 Black


    A very beautiful example of just how stylish that less is truly more. Steve Price built some of the greatest cue cases ever. His approach was to always use leathers that had great texture and character. Simple carvings and sometimes inlays. He made a fair amount of cases, but you almost never see them come up for sale. Why? Those who are lucky enough to own them, treasure them. Here’s your chance to own a very rare piece of billiard case history. Or two. This is one of two Price cases that we have on our website right now. The other is the sister case to this one and they make a beautiful set. It would be shame to break them up, but if only one sells first before they sell as a pair, well that’s life in the billiard business. Both cases have Steve Prices’ signature, inside of the cases, on paper wrapped around the tubes. Both cases were made in 2010. Truly a magnificent set of two gorgeous cases, and to have them both together, very rare indeed.

    “I would like to write how beautiful these cases are! What a wonderful thing to receive something that is even more beautiful in person than the pictures could show. Thank you very much!!!”  Christopher / California

  • Fellini Suede


    A very rich looking Fellini in dark brown suede. This case is so clean it appears to be new. The grommets have no marks on them at all, and lock is perfect. Check out the pictures of the tag. No blue, dirt or anything. We’ve never seen a Fellini this clean before. Needless to say the back seam is perfect. If your looking for a collectible Fellini case, this ones for you.

  • Rusty Melton 2×2 “The Wrinkled”


    Another great case from Rusty Melton. We acquired this case direct from Rusty. When we were talking to Rusty about this case he said that it was made from shoulder leather, and that it had an almost wrinkled look to it. The name “Wrinkled” seemed to stick. You can call it what you like. It is a true one of a kind, and it is in Brand New condition. This case comes with a strap pouch instead of the jump pocket. Made that way to show of the wrinkled leather effect on the long front. This case is straight out of our private collection and comes with the original shipping sleeve. Where else are you going to find a brand new Rusty Melton case for sale?

    “The case just arrived. It looks better than it looked in the pics. Thanks for everything.”  Dr. Kevin / Georgia

  • Justis 2×4 “The Christmas Case”


    Jack Justis 2×4. Brand New Never Ever Had A Cue In It! This is another great case straight out of our personal collection. We call this “The Christmas Case.” We ordered this case from Jack in the fall of 2016. He said it would be done right around Christmas. So we asked him to date 12/25/2016. He normally just puts the year on his cases, but for us, he did put the full date. This is a Pro-Lite model. It’s so new, it still has the protective leather band on the brass bottom. And also comes with Justis case sleeve. Jack is no longer making cases. We purchased this case with the intent to sell it as new after Jack’s retirement. We were going to hold it for a few more years, but were going to offer it now for a short time only. If it doesn’t sell quickly, it’s going back in the vault.

    “The case arrived this evening as scheduled. I am very happy with it and thank you for your kind assistance to date. Hope to deal with you again in the near future. Thanks!”  Yuki / Japan
  • Rusty Melton 2×4 Case


    What a beautiful case. This is a brand new, never had a cue in it, Rusty Melton 2×4. This case is out of our private collection. Rusty made this case for us personally in June of 2016. It has sat in storage since than. And we mean it. It’s never had a cue in it. where else are you going to get this. Check out the tooling on this case. Rusty added extra tooling on the back also. It also comes with the original shipping sleeve. Were not going to bore you with the details of Rusty’s long waiting list. Or the fact that he is not taking names anymore. We’ll just say, if you want a Brand New Rusty Melton, this is it.

    “The case has been received. I would like to thank you for your services, and looking forward to do any deal next time. Really appreciate your business.”  Brian / Indonesia
  • It’s George Black Lizard Print Strap Pad


    If you have an It’s George 1×2 in black lizard print leather and need a pad for the strap, this is your lucky day! This pad is in brand new condition. Doesn’t even look as those it was on a case. Plenty of poof in the padding. It is made to fit on the 1 inch wide standard It’s George case strap. The price includes USPS First Class shipping.

  • Fellini / Suede 1×2


    Who doesn’t want to own an original Fellini case. Here’s a rare suede Fellini. Just like a nice suede jacket, most of the suede cases didn’t stand the test of time. A little rain. Spilled drink. Most of them would wear out right in the middle just from where they were being held. This case has held up very well. It does show some minor signs of wear, but is in very fine condition. The latch still works and the lid is nice and tight. The back seam has no separation. The grommets are in great shape. A suede Fellini cases in this good of condition is a great find. Don’t let it get away.

    “Received the case and it’s in excellent shape. I’d been looking for one of these for a while.”  Roger / California

  • Fellini


    Nothing like a black Fellini case. They make such special homes for those big monster cues. Here we have one in very fine condition. The back seam is tight. The lock works. The ends are clean. This case does show signs of use, but not abuse. If you have been looking for a Fellini then you know how hard they are to find. Especially any that look this good. Think about it. There are more and more big cues being made today, with fewer cases like these to house them. When one becomes available, you have to grab on to it.

    Currently on Layaway
    If you see a case or cue you like but find yourself short on funds, consider our cue layaway plan. With only 20 percent down and up to 12 months to pay, don’t let that dream case or cue get away.

  • It’s George 3×6 Brown


    We were lucky enough to find another original, mid nineties, tournament style 3×6 from Mike Roberts in excellent condition. This case is very clean and comes complete with the original strap pad and jump cue butt sleeve. The key is a replacement diary key that works fine in the lock. What sets this case apart is the additional 7 inch pocket. Great add on for the gadget carrier, making this the perfect players case. The pockets had a little wear on them and have been expertly retouched with leather dye. At Custom Billiard Cue we are always striving to bring you the very best. The last 3×6 It’s George we had sold in a few days. If your thinking on this one, better grab it quick.


  • Vintage Schon Jacket


    If your a Schon cue enthusiast how can you pass this up? A must have piece of nostalgia for the Schon fans. Very cool retro jacket that is New Stock / Vintage! Great light weight jacket for the spring or fall. This jacket has no signs of ever have being worn. The collar and sleeve cuffs are dirt free and not stretched. Both the front and back logo are high thread count embossed through the jacket. The logo features the Brunswick Balke Collender Company Kling table.  At Custom Billiard Cue we really like bringing rare finds to our customers. This jacket is as rare as it gets.