Rusty Melton 2×4


Take a look at this. Just to be clear, this is a brand new, straight from Rusty, rare, fully tubed 2×4 envelope case. We got this case from Rusty and guarantee that there has never been a cue in it. The color on this case came out great. It is beautiful. It has all the space you’ll need for league night. And you will definitely turn heads at any tournament. Talk about tough. Rusty’s cases will last a lifetime. If you are familiar with Rusty’s cases then you already know that the waiting list for one of his new cases is over 3 years and he is currently not taking any new names. If you want the case that only a few lucky people each year get to buy, brand new, Then don’t wait. This opportunity will not last long.

The case is here. It looks awesome! Thanks,  Gerd / Schutterwald Germany


Condition: New
Color: Brown
Size: 2×4
Weight: 6lbs, 11oz
Exterior Length: 35”
Interior Length: 31”
Pockets: 1-16”
Strap: Yes Padded
Handle: No
Material Exterior: Leather
Material Interior: Felt Lined Tubes
Lock: No
Key: No
Markings: Rusty on Strap Kleet