A beautiful custom Volturi hair on cowhide case. This case will definitely turn heads. The leather pockets and lid are hand carved. The white in the diamonds on the pockets is hair also. The padded interior provides safe protection for your cues. This a lot of case at a great price.


Condition: New
Color: Tan & White Hair on Cowhide
Size: 3×6
Weight: 5 lbs. 14 oz.
Exterior Length: 33-3/8”
Interior Length: 31”
Pockets: 2 – 7” & 14-3-4”
Strap: Yes / Padded
Handle: Yes
Material Exterior: Hair on Cow & Leather
Material Interior: Padded Nylon
Lock: No
Key: No
Markings: V on Bottom / Volturi on Zipper Straps