Ron Thomas 1×2 Elephant


An exotic skin case from the 1×2 tubed case master Ron Thomas. This case is in new condition. Just look at the pictures. Rich deep brown color. Tight seemed with a clean bottom and lid. Smooth grommets and no bluing. The 1×2 case market has seen a great increase in the last couple of years. It’s simple math. More and more great expensive cues are being made while fewer custom cue case makers are producing 1×2 homes for them. Word has it that Ron is still making a few cases. But that’s a very thin, and unsubstantiated word. Here is an opportunity to own a beautiful case for that special cue of yours.

This Ron Thomas case is amazing! Its tight and new in every respect. A great addition to a collection in need of proper storage for any Monster cue. Thank you so much for the secure and fast shipping! Excellent transaction! Thank you,  Christopher / Arizona


Condition: Pristine
Color: Brown
Size: 1×2
Weight: 2 lbs
Exterior Length: 33-3/4”
Interior Length: 31-1/2”
Pockets: None
Strap: None
Handle: None
Material Exterior: Elephant
Material Interior: Felt
Lock: No
Key: No
Markings: Signed Ron Thomas in Lid