Tony Viesti 1×2


Another “First Ever” case. Tony Viesti’s first 1×2. We took delivery of this case in January of 2018 directly from Tony and it’s never had a cue in it. The leather is thick and well dyed. The light colored stitching contrasts to the dark leather. The handles are thick and soft. This cases simplicity is it’s beauty. The fine craftsmanship is it’s bling. Tony has been making his cases for a few years now and does fantastic work. Fine quality custom case makers seem to be drying up. We all are fortunate to have a case maker like Tony still crafting hand made cases to house those special cues. You can wait a year and get on Tony’s list. Then wait a year to have one made. But you can only buy his first ever 1×2 here.

“I received my case today and just wanted to say thank you. It looks even better in person, and is a very well built case.”  Shayne / Alabama


Condition: New
Color: Mahogany
Size: 1×2
Weight: 3 lbs. – 4 oz.
Exterior Length: 33”
Interior Length: 31”
Pockets: None
Strap: None
Handle: Yes
Material Exterior: Leather
Material Interior: Felt Tubes
Lock: None
Key: None
Markings: Signed & Dated Inside Lid / Stamped Top & Bottom