Chuck Fields 1×2


A very special offering indeed. This is Chuck Fields’ first ever 1×2 case. The dye job on the leather is gorgeous. It looks like a marbled dark and light brush blend of Mahogany. This case appears to have never had a cue in it. There are no butt or shaft markings on the inside of the lid at all. The grommets on the bottom look like new. The way the felt lining at the top around the tubes is tuft together makes for a very cushy looking home. It’s the small attention to detail like that that makes Chuck Fields one of the best case makers of all time. Chuck only made two 1×2 two cases. The other was a black case with limited tooling. If your a collector, looking for that “Got to have it case” for your special cue, then this case is a must have. We acquired this case in March of 2016 and it has remained in our safe, empty, ever since. It’s time to let someone else enjoy owning this rare treasure.

At Custom Billiard Cue we are always looking to obtain unique and rare items to offer our customers. This case is a great example of that.


Condition: Pristine
Color: Mahogany
Size: 1×2
Weight: 3 lbs. – 5 oz.
Exterior Length: 32-1/2”
Interior Length: 31”
Pockets: None
Strap: None
Handle: Yes
Material Exterior: Leather
Material Interior: Felt Tubes
Lock: None
Key: None
Markings: Signed Fields on Bottom and Stamped on Rear Panel