OB1 5/16-14 Big Pin Shaft


We picked this shaft up in a trade deal. It was made to fit a Hercek butt. That is why it has the oversize piloted pin. We have fitted it on some of the older Schon’s, Joss West, Richard Black, and other 5/16-14 butts. It will not go on all butts. If you are interested in purchasing this shaft make sure you have a lot of clearance from the pin to to the inside of the joint sleeve. It is very straight and ding free. Still has a lot of tip left on it. The collar finish is a bit on the rough side, (see pictures).¬†This price includes shipping. All in all not a bad deal for someone who wants to try out an OB 1 or low deflection shaft without a lot of out of pocket expense.


Condition: Good
Size: 12.8 mm.
Weight: 3.7 oz.
Length: 28-3/4″
Joint: 5/16-14
Diameter: 0.86
Ferrule: Wood Laminate
Tip: Everest
Markings: None