Rusty Melton 2×2 “The Wrinkled”


Another great case from Rusty Melton. We acquired this case direct from Rusty. When we were talking to Rusty about this case he said that it was made from shoulder leather, and that it had an almost wrinkled look to it. The name “Wrinkled” seemed to stick. You can call it what you like. It is a true one of a kind, and it is in Brand New condition. This case comes with a strap pouch instead of the jump pocket. Made that way to show of the wrinkled leather effect on the long front. This case is straight out of our private collection and comes with the original shipping sleeve. Where else are you going to find a brand new Rusty Melton case for sale?

“The case just arrived. It looks better than it looked in the pics. Thanks for everything.”  Dr. Kevin / Georgia


Condition: New Un-used
Color: Natural
Size: 2×2
Weight: 5lbs – 1oz without pouch
Exterior Length: 33-1/2”
Interior Length: 31-12”
Pockets: Comes with a Strap Pouch-9oz
Strap: Yes Padded
Handle: None
Material Exterior: Saddle Leather
Material Interior: Felt Tubes
Lock: None
Key: None
Markings: Rusty’s Stamped Logo