Justis 2×4 “The Christmas Case”


Jack Justis 2×4. Brand New Never Ever Had A Cue In It! This is another great case straight out of our personal collection. We call this “The Christmas Case.” We ordered this case from Jack in the fall of 2016. He said it would be done right around Christmas. So we asked him to date 12/25/2016. He normally just puts the year on his cases, but for us, he did put the full date. This is a Pro-Lite model. It’s so new, it still has the protective leather band on the brass bottom. And also comes with Justis case sleeve. Jack is no longer making cases. We purchased this case with the intent to sell it as new after Jack’s retirement. We were going to hold it for a few more years, but were going to offer it now for a short time only. If it doesn’t sell quickly, it’s going back in the vault.

“The case arrived this evening as scheduled. I am very happy with it and thank you for your kind assistance to date. Hope to deal with you again in the near future. Thanks!”  Yuki / Japan


Condition: New / Un-used
Color: Brown
Size: 2×4
Weight: 4lbs 5oz
Exterior Length: 32-1/2”
Interior Length: 31”
Pockets: Yes 2 – 16” Jump and 8”
Strap: Yes Padded
Handle: Yes 2 – Side & Lid
Material Exterior: Leather
Material Interior: Ultra Lite
Lock: None
Key: None
Markings: Justis Logo under Side Handle
Dated 12/25/16 and signed under Jump Pocket