Fellini Suede


A very rich looking Fellini in dark brown suede. This case is so clean it appears to be new. The grommets have no marks on them at all, and lock is perfect. Check out the pictures of the tag. No blue, dirt or anything. We’ve never seen a Fellini this clean before. Needless to say the back seam is perfect. If your looking for a collectible Fellini case, this ones for you.


Condition: Pristine
Color: Tan
Size: 1×2
Weight: 1lbs – 12oz
Exterior Length: 33-1/4”
Interior Length: 31”
Pockets: None
Strap: None
Handle: None
Material Exterior: Suede
Material Interior: Felt Dividers
Lock: Yes
Key: No
Markings: Fellini Stitched Tag