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  • Budweiser Pool Balls


    Here’s a cool set of billiard balls for the connoisseur of Budweiser beer. These are standard weight and size manufactured by Elephant. This set is used but has very little signs wear. We want to point out that there is a small nick in the cue ball below the “B”. This does not effect play. See Pictures. These sets are no longer being made so this may be your last chance to get a like new set in the original box. This novelty set would make a great gift for the Bud guy or gal in your life. This price includes shipping and processing fees.

  • It’s George 3×6


    A rare It’s George 3×6 in very good condition. You don’t see these come up for sale to often. This is an original Mike Roberts case from around 1995. Everything on the case works as it should. It shows some signs of being used. Light scratches on the lid and bottom. A little rust on the grommets, and some wear on the pouch corners that were expertly re-touched. It comes with the original strap pad and jump butt sleeve. The inner shell is solid and fully intact. This case will make a great addition to any collection. Don’t think long on this one or you will miss out. The price includes USPS insured shipping.

  • Volturi


    A beautiful custom Volturi hair on cowhide case. This case will definitely turn heads. The leather pockets and lid are hand carved. The white in the diamonds on the pockets is hair also. The padded interior provides safe protection for your cues. This a lot of case at a great price.

  • Rusty Melton 2×4


    Take a look at this. Just to be clear, this is a brand new, straight from Rusty, rare, fully tubed 2×4 envelope case. We got this case from Rusty and guarantee that there has never been a cue in it. The color on this case came out great. It is beautiful. It has all the space you’ll need for league night. And you will definitely turn heads at any tournament. Talk about tough. Rusty’s cases will last a lifetime. If you are familiar with Rusty’s cases then you already know that the waiting list for one of his new cases is over 3 years and he is currently not taking any new names. If you want the case that only a few lucky people each year get to buy, brand new, Then don’t wait. This opportunity will not last long.

    The case is here. It looks awesome! Thanks,  Gerd / Schutterwald Germany

  • Aramith Tournament Cue Ball


    Acquired these cue balls at the 2018 Super Billiard Expo. They are new an unplayed. They were pulling these form the sets and playing with the measle cue balls at the tournament. We have two of these cue balls for sale at this price.

    *Price includes shipping and PayPal/Credit Card fees.

  • Aramith TV Tournament Pool Balls


    This was a set that was used at the 2018 Super Billiard Expo. These sets where used for 2 days and where used for 9 and 10 Ball play only. They sell new for 379.00 so this is a tremendous savings over a new set. Want to point out there are a few small cracks in the plastic tray. When we bought this set it came with the Tournament cue ball. We add the new measle ball. So it is new and unplayed. We also have a couple of brand new Aramith Tournament logo cue balls available if you want to add one to this set.

    *The price includes shipping and PayPal/Credit Card Fees.

  • It’s George 2×4


    Great looking eel print black on leather. This case looks to be from the very late 90’s before Mike Roberts sold his company to Brunswick. This case is in fine condition with signs of use but not abuse. No deep scratches or nicks. This would make a beautiful addition to any case collection or a fine carrier for league night. Comes with a key. Price includes Shipping and all fees.

  • Engles Python 1×2


    Very sharp Sam Engles Python 1×2 in excellent condition. This was a storge only case. It is impeccably clean with no chalk residue. The tag is intact. This is a genuine Python skin case and not a leather print. Engles is a must have for any cue case collection, and this a great example of his work.

    “The cases arrived today and are exactly what I was looking for. Beautiful in appearance and condition. Thank you!  Dave / Washington, DC

  • It’s George 1×2


    Here’s a great It’s George vintage case from the 80’s. This case was used only for storage and has no blue chalk residue in it. The grommets on the bottom are in brand new condition. The corners on the pocket show no signs of wear. It comes with the strap pad and here’s something vary rare, a key! We have to point out that there are a few very small scuffs on the edge of the lid. other than that this case is perfect. If you seen the price of the new run It’s George trademark cases, you know this is a great find at a great price.

  • Ron Thomas


    A Pristine Ron Thomas black lizard print leather case that was used for storage only. There is no chalk residue inside this case and the silver grommets do not have any scratches on them. This case could pass as new. Cases from Ron in this condition are getting harder to come by.