Hercek Shaft #2


Here’s a Joel Hercek shaft in used but great condition. Joel charges $300.00+ for his extra shafts and that’s when your ordering a cue. His wait list is very long. If you have a collectible Hercek cue and are looking for a playing shaft, this would make a great add on to your cue. If you have any 5/16-14 cue that will accept the large compression fitting this would make a nice addition to your cue. The ferrule is all natural material and the tip has a lot of play left in it.


Condition: Used / Great
Size: 13 mm.
Weight: 3.8 oz.
Length: 28-3/4″
Joint: 5/16-14
Diameter: 0.854″
Ferrule: Natural
Tip: Unknown
Markings: None