Joint Protectors / Schon Nickel Rings


A very nice looking set of old script Schon JPs with the .030″ nickel silver rings. The all ebony color makes them a great match for just about any Schon cue. The pins in this set have been custom tooled to fit both old and newer Schon cues. If you need a set of joint protectors for that special cue of your’s, but don’t see them on our website, send us an email and we will start making your custom set today. What sets our joint protectors apart is the high-gloss finish. *Just to be clear these are a custom made set of joint protectors, made to compliment your Schon cue, and were not made by Schon. Don’t just protect your cue, dress your cue up with a beautiful set of custom joint protectors. This price includes the cost of shipping and all credit card / PayPal processing fees. Overseas shipping available. Additional fees apply.

“The joint protectors have arrived. Great goods. Will continue to recommend. Thank you very much.”  Uwe / Germany


Condition: New
Number of Pieces: 3
Joint Pin: 5/16-14
Diameter: 0.854”
Butt Protector Length: 1.45”
Max Depth for Pin: 1.38”
Shaft Protector Length: 1.11”
Inner Diameter for Shaft Pilot: 0.56”
Depth for Pilot: 0.22”
Special Markings:  Schon on Butt / Schon 1 & 2 on Shafts