Joint Protectors / Olivewood w’ Brown Phenolic


Olivewood is definitely one of our favorites. It always carries a nice wood grain and goes with just about any cue out there. The dark brown woven phenolic adds a lot of texture. Topped off with polished weight bolt inlays. The butt cap can handle the longest of 3/8-10 pins. Don’t just protect your cue, dress your cue up with a beautiful set of custom cue caps. This price includes the cost of shipping.


Condition: New
Number of Pieces: 3
Joint Pin: 3/8-10
Diameter: 0.85”
Butt Protector Length: 1.8”
Max Depth for Pin: 1.4”
Shaft Protector Length: 1.2”
Inner Diameter: None
Depth for Pilot: None
Woods Used: Olivewood
Special Markings: Polished Weight Bolts