Joint Protectors / McDaniel


Featuring our new Script Series Design Logo – You can get this script series design, with any name, on a custom made set of joint protectors for any special cue you own. What sets our joint protectors apart is the high-gloss finish. If you need a set of joint protectors for that special cue of your’s, but don’t see them on our website, send us an email and we will start making your custom set today. *Just to be clear, these are a custom made set of joint protectors, made to compliment your McDaniel cue, and were not made by Bill McDaniel. Don’t just protect your cue, dress your cue up with a beautiful set of custom joint protectors. This price includes the cost of shipping and all credit card / PayPal processing fees. Overseas shipping available. Additional fees apply.


Condition: New
Number of Pieces: 3
Joint Pin: 5/16-14
Diameter: 0.850”
Butt Protector Length: 1.36”
Max Depth for Pin: 1.10”
Shaft Protector Length: 1.14”
Inner Diameter for Shaft Pilot: 0.56”
Depth for Pilot: 0.22”
Engravings: Bill McDaniel on Butt / Bill McDaniel with 1 & 2 on Shafts
Color of Engravings: White
Set Number: #083