Joint Protectors / Black Boar


Here’s a beautiful set of large dot Birdseye Maple Black Boar JPs. Black delrin collars with .0315″ nickel silver rings. White Elforyn inlays with black fill. This set won’t last long. If you like them, better pull the trigger quick. *Just to be clear these are a custom made set of joint protectors, made to compliment your Black Boar cue, and were not made by Tony Sciannella. Don’t just protect your cue, dress your cue up with a beautiful set of custom cue caps. This price includes the cost of shipping.


Condition: New
Number of Pieces: 3
Joint Pin: 5/16-14
Diameter: 0.842”
Butt Protector Length: 1.51”
Max Depth for Pin: 1.5”
Shaft Protector Length: 1.33”
Inner Diameter for Shaft Pilot: 0.56”
Depth for Pilot: 0.25”
Woods Used: Birdseye Maple
Special Markings:  Boars Head BB on Butt / 1 & 2 Shafts