Joint Protector / Tasc *Shaft Only


This is a great cap for anyone who owns a Tascarella cue with more than 2 shafts. It has the thick .060″ nickel silver ring. If you are using a LD shaft on your Tasc, as long as it is a 5/16-14 joint, this cap will work. We get a lot of requests for individual joint protector pieces for shafts. Many of our customers have cues that already have custom sets of JPs and just need one piece for and extra shaft. Or an extra custom JP for a low deflection shaft. If you need a full set of joint protectors for that special cue of your’s, or just an individual piece for that extra shaft, but don’t see them on our website, send us an email and we will start making your custom set today. What sets our joint protectors apart is the high-gloss finish. *Just to be clear this is a custom made shaft joint protector, made to compliment your Tascarella shaft, and was not made by Pete. Don’t just protect your cue, dress your cue up with a beautiful set of custom joint protectors. This price includes the cost of shipping and all credit card / PayPal processing fees. Overseas shipping available. Additional fees apply.


Condition: New
Number of Pieces: 1
Joint Pin: 5/16-14
Diameter: 0.852”
Shaft Protector Length: .875”
Inner Diameter for Shaft Pilot: 0.56”
Depth for Pilot: 0.22”
Deco Ring: 0.060” Nickel Silver
Engraving: Tasc