Steve Price 1×2 Mahogany


A very beautiful example of just how stylish that less is truly more. Steve Price built some of the greatest cue cases ever. His approach was to always use leathers that had great texture and character. Simple carvings and sometimes inlays. He made a fair amount of cases, but you almost never see them come up for sale. Why? Those who are lucky enough to own them, treasure them. Here’s your chance to own a very rare piece of billiard case history. Or two. This is one of two Price cases that we have on our website right now. The other is the sister case to this one and they make a beautiful set. It would be shame to break them up, but if only one sells first before they sell as a pair, well that’s life in the billiard business. Both cases have Steve Prices’ signature, inside of the cases, on paper wrapped around the tubes. Both cases were made in 2010. Truly a magnificent set of two gorgeous cases, and to have them both together, very rare indeed.

“I would like to write how beautiful these cases are! What a wonderful thing to receive something that is even more beautiful in person than the pictures could show. Thank you very much!!!”  Christopher / California


Condition: Excellent
Color: Mahogany
Size: 1×2
Weight: 3lbs – 1oz
Exterior Length: 32-1/4”
Interior Length: 30-3/8”
Pockets: None
Strap: None
Handle: Yes 2 / 1 on Side & 1 on Lid
Material Exterior: Leather
Material Interior: Felt Tubes
Lock: None
Key: None
Markings: S P Steer Head Logo under lid / Signed in lid