Rusty Melton 2×4


Here’s a special case straight out of our personal collection. This is Rusty’s first ever “Fully Tubed” 2×4 Envelope Style Case. We know this because we ordered it directly from Rusty back in may of 2016. This case is in new/unused/never had a cue in it condition, and it is stunning. Rusty had to cut the front and back panel wider to accommodate the extra tubes. That makes this case about 3/4″ wider than Rusty’s standard 2×2 envelope case. The extra width is very noticeable, and it makes this case stand out. The strap pouch was an extra $100.00 add on when we ordered this case. It might be over kill, but on a special case like this, we didn’t want to hold back. This case also has a couple extra rows of tooling down the front and back. And then there’s the finish. Rusty is the best when it comes to staining leather and this case shows it. The stain has a marbled effect that is a combination of the finish and the natural grain of the leather. Do you want something special in a case? Are you looking for an elusive Rusty Melton? Do you require a 2×4 case for your games needs? Then look no further. Custom Billiard Cue has the case for you.

“The case arrived this morning safe and sound. Thanks so much, it is beautiful.”  Brian / Eldridge, Iowa


Condition: New Un-used
Color: Rustic Tan
Size: 2×4
Weight: 6lbs-10oz
Exterior Length: 34”
Interior Length: 31-1/2”
Pockets: Yes 16” Jump
Strap: Yes Padded with 8oz Pouch
Handle: None
Material Exterior: Thick Saddle Leather
Material Interior: Felt Lined Tubes
Lock: None
Key: None
Markings: Rusty’s Stamped Logo