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We hope you enjoy our website. The goal of our website is to provide the viewers with a beautiful and informative experience every time they visit with us. As our inventory changes, so does our website. Visit us often to see our newest additions. We are always looking for rare and vintage products to showcase, along with brand new and cutting edge designed cues. If you’re looking for an investment grade cue or a great hitting player, we’re here to help find what interests you.

At Custom Billiard Cue, our mission is to provide all of our customers with a safe and friendly shopping experience. We guarantee all the pool cues we sell to be completely as described or we will refund the full amount paid. We also buy cues. If you have a straight, clean pool cue, we would like to make you a fair offer.

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Once a month we will feature a cue at an unbelievably low price on a special cue. This price will be way below the current market value! This may be a cue we have never listed before, or one from our index that has been drastically reduced.

How it Works. At a random date and time once a month, we post a featured cue for sale. This will be a first come, first served offering of this cue. The buyer must contact us by phone and speak with us directly. No emails.

New Additions:

  • Joint Protectors / Tim Scruggs TS


    A new design for our customers. The old style TS logo in white Elforyn inlays. Full black body and collars with .030″ nickel silver rings. If you have one of Tim’s older cues, you know this set will look great great on it. If you need a set of joint protectors for that special cue of your’s, but don’t see them on our website, send us an email and we will start making your custom set today. What sets our joint protectors apart is the high-gloss finish. *Just to be clear these are a custom made set of joint protectors, made to compliment your Scruggs cue, and were not made by Tim. Don’t just protect your cue, dress your cue up with a beautiful set of custom joint protectors. This price includes the cost of shipping and all credit card / PayPal processing fees. Overseas shipping available. Additional fees apply.

  • Frank Paradise


    Here we have a great looking collectible from one of the original pioneers of custom cue making. Frank Paradise. Frank got his start  building and designing cues back in 1948 in Brooklyn NY and then later in New Jersey. His cues grew fast in popularity with major east coast player. Mainly due to his location and the decades they were made. Continental mail order was really not a way of doing business yet, and it was way before the internet. This cue has had a complete restoration by Scot Sherbine of Proficient Billiards. The cue comes with it’s original shaft, but Scot did make a new shaft for it using the wood from a vintage shaft. The original integrity of this cue was maintained in the restoration, from the joint down to the butt cap. The only part replaced was the clear window in the Butt sleeve. This cue does have a credit card of lift at the joint. If you have been looking for a Frank Paradise cue to expand your collection, this one is available at a super price.



  • Bert Schrager


    Here is a fine looking player from the great old cue master builder Bert Schrager. This is a one owner cue and was ordered directly from Bert and received July of 2001. The handle is Birdseye and the forearm and sleeve are Mexican Cocobolo. This cue has a rare steel joint. This is a great opportunity to own a beautiful collectible cue at a modest price.

    Every year brings many new collectors to our website. Many of whom may not be familiar with Bert Schrager and his work. Below we have included an excerpt from The ICA Hall of Fame.

    Bert started building cues in the 1960’s and is credited with helping many up and coming cuemakers. We won’t list names, but it would be a who’s who list of higher end smaller cuemakers who spent time in Bert’s shop. Bert has always been very helpful to the beginning cuemakers and that is one thing the ICA stands for. Bert got his start in cuemaking from his close friend Harvey Martin who is also an ICA Hall of Fame member. Bert was one of the earlier cuemakers to break into the high end cue market and one of the first few to crack open the Japanese market. Many famous people have had Bert build cues for them. He never went the CNC route and has produced some very high end cue designs with just a pantograph. He is credited with popularizing the 6 point cue design. Bert was our first living member to be inducted. His wife Pat has done much of the beautiful pantograph inlay work on their cues. At 80 years of age he was still at his labor of love: Building Cues.

    Here is a link to a nice little video about Bert:  //

  • Bill McDaniel 8 Point


    What a fantastic looking cue by one of the greatest cue makers ever. There is so much that can be said about Bill McDaniel, and cues that he has built. It all could really fill a book. His cues hit, and have been compared to some of the biggest named cue makers ever. This is an 8 point “All Original” cue in Pristine condition. Look at the figure in the Birdseye Maple. All of the white inlays are natural material. The ferrules and butt cap are linen. The shafts look like they are new and the tips appear to be original. This cue has the shorter steel joint that are so very popular now. Further proof of Bill being ahead of his time. All of Bill’s cues are also known for their flawless construction. Super tight inlays and perfect ring work.

    Nick Varner, Karen Corr, Rodney Morris, Ginky San Souci, Johnny Morra, Alex Pagulayan are some of the players that have played with Bill’s cues. They played with Bill’s cues ,a and they won with Bill’s cues. 

    Bill is retired now and this is as close as you will get to buying a new cue from him. You don’t see McDaniel cue coming up for sale often. And when they do, they sell fast.

  • Steve Price


    Sleek, Stylish, Rare, Collectible, This case meets all of those requirements. Other than our website, when was the last time you have seen a Steve Price case for sale? They are rarely seen for sale on the open market. Why? Because they are very collectible. They’re sleek 1×2 style design is the hot case for storing and displaying those very special cues, and this one has the extra of tooling on the front. If you ever wanted to add one to your collection, don’t wait on this one. It will not be for sale long.

  • Black Boar Six Point


    At Custom Billiard Cue we love bringing beautiful and collectible cues to our customers. Here we have an amazing offering of cue history. A pristine condition, and what could be called an unplayed, six point Black Boar. Notice the color of the shafts and the original tips. This cue is all original. It has 126 total inlays of natural material and silver in the rings work. The butt cap is also all natural material. The leather wrap on this cue is flawless. We were told by it’s previous owner that this is a late 1995 or early 1996 cue. There is not much more that we can say. Just look at the pictures. This is a great opportunity to add a very rare cue to your collection. Where else are you going to find this much cue at a price like this.

  • Black Boar Six Point Cue


    Another big and rare cue brought to you by Custom Billiard Cue. A super looking Black Boar six pointer. A cue like this speaks all business. The flawless construction is it’s sheer beauty. Six razor sharp points of ebony into a beautifully piece of Birdseye Maple. Nice ring work above and below the butt sleeve. This cue was delivered to it’s owner in the fall of 1996. Although it has the older logo it was what the owner wanted, and Tony obliged. It has a premium smooth black leather wrap that is a perfect match to the butt and a great looking set of custom joint protectors. You don’t see Tony’s six point cues come up on the market very often. We are proud to be offering two at this time.

  • Tim Scruggs


    Really sharp looking Tim Scruggs cue. Beautiful leather wrap. Striking blue between black veneers. Natural inlays in the butt sleeve. Nice playing weight of 18.9 oz with either shaft. The butt sleeve and points look to be Ziricote, but were not 100 percent on it. Highly figured Birdseye in the forearm with lots of dots. Both ferrules are LBM. Great set of matching joint protectors completes this cue. The price of Tim’s cues have been on the rise for the past year and this is a great price on a collectible player.

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Our Cue Layaway Program at Custom Billiard Cue is designed to help you secure that “I simply got to have it” cue!

Layaway: Some collectors search years for that particular cue style, by a certain builder, with just the right wrap and colors in the points. Then you find it when money is tight. Ouch! We’ve been there. We get it and that’s why we’re here to help. Other merchants charge up to 50 percent down with hidden fees and as little as 60 days to pay! That doesn’t sound good because it’s not. At Custom Billiard Cue, you can secure your dream cue with a low down payment of only 20%. We will structure a payment plan up to 12 months to help keep your payment low. Your payment due date will be on the fifteenth of the month and we will give you up to 45 days to make your first payment!

There are no hidden fees! There is no high interest rate! This is not a loan! You can’t lose a dime even if you default!

For more information on our “Cue Layaway Program” click on the button below.

“Cue Layaway Program”

Our Cue Layaway Program is limited to cues and cases priced at $500.00 or higher.

At Custom Billiard Cue, we buy custom cues from both veteran and novice cuemakers. Along with custom cues, we are looking to purchase unique production cues. Older models like Runde Schon, limited edition, anniversary and autographed. Vintage models like Rambow and Hoppe. We’re also interested in old Brunswick cues like Master Stroke, Tru Balance and Titlist, as many builders prefer these for conversion cues. If you’re not sure of what we might want to buy, take a look at what we sell.

Along with cues, we are always looking for one- of-a -kind and vintage cases, like Its George, Fellini, Rusty Melton, Jack Justis, Phil Eastwood, Ron Thomas, Whitten, Engles, Centennial, and Steve Price. We are also interested in antique Brunswick table and wall ball racks. Memorabilia like old tournament posters and vintage advertisements along with autographed photos and balls.

If it has anything to do with billiards, we are interested. Keep in mind that we sell only the highest quality merchandise and that’s what we purchase.

Please remember that the prices we offer for cue purchases are wholesale, providing us with a margin for profit.

Remember: Do Not send us your cue or any merchandise before first contacting us!

With a few good photos and a little time on the phone, we can give a good idea of the price we will pay for your cues and any billiard-related merchandise.

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