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  • Rick Howard Cue (14)

    Rick Howard Sneaky Pete


    Super price on great cue from a highly recognized cue builder. Beautifully figured Bocote wood into straight grain Maple butt. This cue was built with a 5/8″ stainless steel joint, not the usual material for Rick to use on his sneaky’s making this a unique custom. Shaft 1 is the original shaft built to this cue. Shaft 2 was an additional shaft that was made by Rick some time after the cue was built. This cue was a purchased from the original owner as was the second shaft. Rick Howard is well known for making cues that look and play similar to South West cues and he adds that great performance to all the cues he builds.

    “This is my second cue purchase from Custom Billiard Cue. Their professionalism and customer service are second to none. Needless to say, I love my new Rick Howard cue”.  Bryan / Austin, Texas  


  • South West Cue  (1)

    South West 319 – 12


    A simply stunning South West cue. We try to take good pictures of all or cues, but you really have to see this cue in person to appreciate how great it looks. The point work and butt sleeve are Purple Heart, and the nose is Goncalo Alves. This cue comes in at great playing weight of 19.5 ounces with either shaft. The shafts are identical in weight and size. Both have LBM ferrules and are still sealed. The wrap is a golden tan Spanish Bull Leather that is a perfect match to the Goncalo wood. This cue is flawless. The butt has been lathe tested an is dead straight. If you have been looking for a pristine condition South West, then this is your cue.

    “The cue was delivered today and my husband loves it!”  Debbie / Long Island, New York  

  • Paul Mottey Cue (1)

    Paul Mottey Cue


    An absolutely gorgeous cue. Paul Mottey said he made less than five bridge point cues making this a very collectible cue from a retired cue maker. Peacocks in the points, with extra long barbells and notched diamonds in the butt. It has a new monitor lizard, full back wrap that is a perfect match to this cue. The wrap came from the shop of John Fong in San Francisco. All of the white on this cue, with the exception of the one ferrule is all natural. Bushka ring and Hoppe style butt. The pictures really do all the talking for this cue. Both shafts are silky smooth. The weight can be adjusted up or down.

    “I received the Mottey and it is beautiful and all that was advertised.”  David / Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Joe Callaluca Cue (18)

    Joe Callaluca


    A great looking two shaft custom from Joe Callaluca. Cocobolo butt sleeve and points into Birdeye Maple. The ivorine and turquoise inlays compliment the blue in the ring work. This cue came from a large estate collection and has never been played. Joe’s fan base has been growing as of late and this is a very good opportunity to own a new Callaluca cue at a bargain price.

    “My cue showed up yesterday and it looks great!” Daniel  / Owatonna, Minnesota    

  • David Kikel Cue (5)

    Kikel Custom Cues


    A stunning Purple Heart into Ebony. This cue is loaded with lots of natural material trough out. All the white on this cue with the exception of he butt cap is natural, including the rings and joint protectors. This cue came out of a large private collection and has seen very little use. David’s attention to his shafts is second to none. His shaft wood is aged at least 10 years and his turning process is around 2 years, give or take. He is not known for making a lot of cues, usually less than 30 a year. This an exceptional collectors piece at a great price. If you have been looking for a KQ for your collection, here it is. We talked with David and he is no longer taking orders and is going to take some time off after fulfilling the orders that he has. He says that he does not know if he is going into retirement, but rather taking some time off after 28 years of building cues to relax.

    “Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you and your company.”  Bill / Kingston, Pennsylvania  

  • riley cue

    Riley Snooker cue


    For those who prefer the game this is a great cue to have. Hickory and Ebony butt with a pearl design and a hard Hickory shaft.

  • Dick Lanz Sneaky Pete (9)

    Dick Lanz Sneaky Pete


    A true bar room sneaky. There are no external markings on this cue. No collar rings. Nothing that would lead you to think it is a great playing, extremely versatile custom cue. All the specs are given with out the additional weight bolts that are included and can easily be added in 0.1 oz. increments to customize this cue to any weight you desire. Dick signed the butt under the bumper verifying its origin in a stealthy manor. Both shafts have all natural ferrules and Moori Medium tips with black pads. And yes, it hits like a true custom should. Keep you’re Szamboti at home where it’s safe and take this cue out on the town to get the job done.

  • South West Cue (1)

    South West Cue 402-05


    Here is a mint South West cue pin number 402-05. This cue has been lathe tested and the butt as well as both shafts are dead straight. The forearm is Goncalo Alves and the points and butt sleeve are Brazilian Tulip wood. Laurie Franklin confirmed this for us. The wrap is a full belly Spanish Lizard. It matches the woods perfectly and really makes the colors in the cue pop. The exotic wood upgrade cost on a cue like this being made by South West today is $1200.00. The ferrules are melamine. Matching joint protectors are by Jim Baxter. Laurie also mentioned that the woods in this cue are getting harder to locate. South West Cue’s is just now working on completing their 2004 orders. So yes, there is an 11 year wait. This cue includes, and will be shipped in, the brand new 1×2 real leather cue case that is seen in the pictures.

    “Thanks. Very professional transaction. Great Communication. We’ll do it again.  JimmyRayK  / Southern Indiana  


  • Michael Vollmer Cue (3)

    Michael Vollmer


    New, unplayed, no bluing in the shafts. Definitely the sharpest looking full Ebony cue that we have ever seen. The wrap is Teju print embossed cow leather and the Ebony is jet black. The ring work on the butt is made up of 112 inlays and there are 16 inlays on each shaft collar. Michael’s shafts are some of the best shafts made today. The ferrules are natural material. This cue was acquired from a large private collection and is in new condition. We talked with Michael and he said it would cost around $2800.00 to make this cue and that does not include the risk and cost of shipping it to the US.

  • Joss West Cue (1)

    Joss West


    Super looking, fully original vintage Joss West with the sideways W. Original finish and linen wrap. This cue even has Bill Stroud’s very popular veneer color combination of green and rust. Great price, player, and collectible all in one.