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  • Black Boar


    6 pt. Black Boar ESO cue
    We call this an ESO cue which stands for Every So Often.
    ESO a cue comes our way that has all the qualities that make for a special cue. This Boar is one of those cues.
    *Black Boars in general are noted to be collectible and sought after.
    *The 6 pointers are the rarest with only 60 – 90 ever hand crafted.
    *Tony Scianella describes the 6 pointers as “Treasured Cues.”
    *This 6 pointer is one of a small percentage that Tony made with the time consuming L channel hardwood recut points. Each tall point in this cue is made of 3 individual deep knifed points; Ebony, Tulip, and Ebony wood, making it, in Tony’s words, ‘a 12 pointed cue.’
    *Due to the time and labor in making these points, they were only made on a small percentage of the early 6 pointers. To this day tony will not make these points.
    When you look at the pictures of this cue, and understand it’s history, you will appreciate what we mean by a cue like this comes by every so often.

  • Robert Harris Cue


    A very sharp looking cue from Bob Harris. This cue has been played but is in great condition. Tiffany style notched diamonds with barbells. The teal, blue and black veneers are great combination. The bull print leather is very soft. This cue has a very solid hit and the weight on this cue can be easily adjusted. The joint protectors with matching inlays complete this cue nicely. The joint and butt cap appear to be Juma along with all the white inlay.

    “The cue came today and it is outstanding! I absolutely love it. The hit and the shaft taper just fits me perfectly. Thank you so much.”  Tommy / Fresno, California


  • Tony Sauer Titlist Conversion


    Tony Sauer’s personal player. A beautiful Brazilian Rosewood Titlist conversion. This cue was built to be a workhorse. Extra long points and no frills. The Hoppe ring and ferrules are all natural as well as the joint. Both shafts were made from 45+ year old Titlist cues. This cue has seen plenty of tournament play and has a few very light dings but nothing through the finish. The wrap has that feel that only Cortland linen can deliver. The only reason Tony parted with this cue is because he is into doing inlays now and wanted his new player to show case some of his ornate talent. Were throwing in the tapped weight bolt and rubber bumper in case you feel you need it. It will add 1/2 oz. when installed.

  • Paul Mottey


    A rare and stunning Mottey box cue. This is an unsigned Paul Mottey that is featured on page 55 in the Blue Book of Cues first edition. Loads of boxes and propellers. Beautiful Snakewood butt sleeve with Birdeye propellers and framed boxes. This color pattern is reversed in the forearm. Both ferrules are all natural material. The brown lizard wrap is a perfect match to the Snakewood. What more could you want in a collectible Mottey. A great price? It has that too.

  • Andy Gilbert Titlist Conversion


    Andy Hits a home run with this conversion. Very clean look with just enough abalone inlays to accent the cue without overwhelming it. Were not sure of the date on this cue but it looks very old school. Thicker nickle rings in the collars. Old brick red brown phenolic. 1-1/2″ milk white delrin butt cap. Notched diamonds. Not saying this is a vintage cue but Andy really captures that timeless look. Andy is known for never signing his conversions, but his signature is on the C.O.A.. The joint is all natural and the ferrules are LBM. Great looking cue with a solid big pin hit.

    “Received the Gilbert yesterday … exactly as promised and I’m very happy. I additionally appreciate the extra set of joint protectors – great and classy touch. Will keep my eyes on the site as I’m sure we’ll be doing some business again soon! Regards,”  David / Tomball, Texas 

  • Joe Callaluca


    A sharp looking eight pointer from Joe Callaluca. Cocobolo butt sleeve and points. Joe alternates the color of the points slightly giving the forearm a very subtle-classy look. The Hoppe ring and wrap rings are all natural material. This cue came out of the same collection as our other Callaluca and is in new condition.

    “Received the cue and it’s perfect. Exactly as described. I look forward to doing additional business with you. Thanks and best regards,”  David / Houston, Texas

  • Dick Lanz Titlist Conversion


    Our friend Dick Lanz hits a home run with this Beautiful Hoppe Conversion. Everything a great conversion should have, brilliant color in the veneers, intact name and weight number. Dick even managed to use the original pin for the joint. Ferrules, joint, and Hoppe ring are all natural material. The tips are Moori mediums. The rubber bumper can easily be removed for that classic bumperless Hoppe look. Comes with the matching set of custom joint protectors. The weight bolt bolt can be shortened to reduce the weight. The butt is slightly thicker than most cues by .04″ / 1.2 mm.

    “Shipping was really fast. Thanks. Pretty cue!”  Mark / Cottonwood, Arizona

  • Chris Nitti 2013 – 41


    Here’s a Pristine condition Purple Heart into Ebony by Chris Nitti, the players cue maker. Chris is known for his great playing, hand made cues. This cue looks like it’s new. Shaft 1 has minimal play on it and shaft 2 is un-played new. All the white in the butt and collars is natural material including the joint and Hoppe ring. The ferrules are LBM. The lightly textured, smooth leather wrap looks and feels great on this cue. All topped off with matching joint protectors. The pictures really say it all on this one.

  • Rick Howard Sneaky Pete


    Super price on great cue from a highly recognized cue builder. Beautifully figured Bocote wood into straight grain Maple butt. This cue was built with a 5/8″ stainless steel joint, not the usual material for Rick to use on his sneaky’s making this a unique custom. Shaft 1 is the original shaft built to this cue. Shaft 2 was an additional shaft that was made by Rick some time after the cue was built. This cue was a purchased from the original owner as was the second shaft. Rick Howard is well known for making cues that look and play similar to South West cues and he adds that great performance to all the cues he builds.

    “This is my second cue purchase from Custom Billiard Cue. Their professionalism and customer service are second to none. Needless to say, I love my new Rick Howard cue”.  Bryan / Austin, Texas  

  • South West 319 – 12


    A simply stunning South West cue. We try to take good pictures of all or cues, but you really have to see this cue in person to appreciate how great it looks. The point work and butt sleeve are Purple Heart, and the nose is Goncalo Alves. This cue comes in at great playing weight of 19.5 ounces with either shaft. The shafts are identical in weight and size. Both have LBM ferrules and are still sealed. The wrap is a golden tan Spanish Bull Leather that is a perfect match to the Goncalo wood. This cue is flawless. The butt has been lathe tested an is dead straight. If you have been looking for a pristine condition South West, then this is your cue.

    “The cue was delivered today and my husband loves it!”  Debbie / Long Island, New York