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  • Tad


    Great looking Custom Tad Merry Widow from the late 60’s – early 70’s. It has a 213 under the bumper. With two different length shafts the cue measures out at 58 or 59 inches. It has the original finish. There are no dents or dings under the finish. There is a small 1/4″ scratch in the forearm about 4 inches above he wrap. Other than that the finish is very clean and in amazing condition considering it’s age. Even the butt sleeve is ding free and the cap looks very clean as well. Our guess is this cue has seen a lot of storage time. Shaft 1 has a micarta ferrule with a 1/4″ hair line fracture just under the tip. This does not effect the hit of this shaft at all and can be repaired inexpensively. Shaft 2 has a synthetic ferrule. At this price you’ll be getting a great collectible, and or, playable cue. And by playable w mean it has that hit that Tads cues are known for. All that topped off with a nice looking set of matching JPs.

  • Cory Barnhart


    A very cool looking bumperless Hoppe. Big pin hit. Leather wrap. Full shafts. Matching custom joint protectors. And check out the double sided butt on this beauty. Worried about taking a bumperless cue to the hall? Just pull out the weight bolt and put on the rubber bumper without changing the weight of the cue. This cue has it all, including a great price. The tips have been chalked but this cue shows very little signs of being used. With the exception of the rings in the joint protectors, all the white in this cue is all natural material. Including the 1/2 inch ferrules.

  • Pete Tascarella


    A big Tascarella cue with lots of natural inlays. We love the classic veneer color combination on this cue. This cue sat in a closet for years. It is from the late 1990’s or early 2000’s. It was recently in Pete’s shop for a restoration and has a new wrap and finish. Pete let us know that everything else on this cue is original. From the joint down to the delrin butt cap. Both of which look brand new. Notice the vintage KU dark brown bumper. A beautiful set of matching custom joint protectors completes this cue. If you like this cue, don’t hesitate to contact us, at this price it won’t last long.

  • Michael Vollmer


    A cue this Beautiful deserves a name great name. Michael Vollmer referred to this cue as “Brown Sugar.” This is a Cocobolo eight point into intense curly maple. The longer points are re-cuts. All the white in this cue including the ferrules is natural. Just check out the massive graining in the butt cap. Including the “V” in the cap, the butt has a total of 89 inlays. Not to mention the shaft collars having 8 inlays each. The most beautiful part of this cue may just be the shafts. Michael is known for his outstanding shaft work. The wine colored Spanish bull leather wrap has a very soft feel and is a perfect match on this cue. The custom inlaid joint protectors are the perfect way to finish off one of the best looking cues on the market. Michael has definitely cemented his mark as a top tier cue builder. Hear is an opportunity to own one of his very best cues at a great price.

  • Bob Runde


    One word, Loaded. Just look at the pictures. All of the white, with the exception of the butt cap and joint protectors, is natural material including the ferrules. Box veneers in the butt. Abalone and Mother of Pearl accents. Rich textured Spanish Bull wrap. Great color combination in the veneers. New Kamikaze medium tips. Custom matching joint protectors. Bob’s flat faced 5/16-14 joint that provides a tremendous hit that rivals any big pin flat joint. This is a great collectible that you will not be able to keep in the closet.

    “This Runde plays so Good! Thank you again.”  Steve / Cheboygan, Michigan

  • Dan Dishaw Cue


    Now here is a great deal. A brand new, wholesale priced Dan Dishaw six point custom! This cue looks beautiful and hits solid. Snakewood into curly Maple. All the white inlays are natural material. The linen wrap is double pressed and very tight. The ferrules are linen based material. The extra beauty ring in the butt sleeve that separates the the two woods just adds that much more to this cue. This truly is a lot of cue at a bargain price.

    “I received the cue today and it looks great. Thanks so much.”  Anthony / Fredericksburg, Virginia
  • Omen Cue


    A very fine looking player from Pete Ohman. The Birdseye in the nose of this cue is some of the finest we have ever seen. The Ebony is jet black and the the rings are in all the positions. Both shafts have natural ferrules and the wrap looks as good as new. Up close Pete’s cues always look amazing. Points are always sharp, his ring work is superb, and his shafts never disappoint. Omen Custom Cues are definitely some of the best playing cues made today.

    “The Omen arrived yesterday in excellent condition. Great packing job. Very sweet stick. Thanks.”  Phil / Broomall, Pennsylvania

  • Rick Howard


    Here is a super sharp 8 point Rick Howard. The butt sleeve and points are very highly figured Curly Maple. The nose is made from some of the darkest Ebony we have ever seen. This cue is in such great condition, it could pass for new. One shaft looks to be un-played, and the other may have a couple of racks on it. Both shafts are full and have LBM ferrules. A lot has been said about the great hit of Rick’s cues, and it’s all true. You could pay thousands more and not get a cue that plays as well as this one does.

  • Black Boar


    6 pt. Black Boar ESO cue
    We call this an ESO cue which stands for Every So Often.
    ESO a cue comes our way that has all the qualities that make for a special cue. This Boar is one of those cues.
    *Black Boars in general are noted to be collectible and sought after.
    *The 6 pointers are the rarest with only 60 – 90 ever hand crafted.
    *Tony Scianella describes the 6 pointers as “Treasured Cues.”
    *This 6 pointer is one of a small percentage that Tony made with the time consuming L channel hardwood recut points. Each tall point in this cue is made of 3 individual deep knifed points; Ebony, Tulip, and Ebony wood, making it, in Tony’s words, ‘a 12 pointed cue.’
    *Due to the time and labor in making these points, they were only made on a small percentage of the early 6 pointers. To this day tony will not make these points.
    When you look at the pictures of this cue, and understand it’s history, you will appreciate what we mean by a cue like this comes by every so often.

  • Robert Harris Cue


    A very sharp looking cue from Bob Harris. This cue has been played but is in great condition. Tiffany style notched diamonds with barbells. The teal, blue and black veneers are great combination. The bull print leather is very soft. This cue has a very solid hit and the weight on this cue can be easily adjusted. The joint protectors with matching inlays complete this cue nicely. The joint and butt cap appear to be Juma along with all the white inlay.

    “The cue came today and it is outstanding! I absolutely love it. The hit and the shaft taper just fits me perfectly. Thank you so much.”  Tommy / Fresno, California