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  • Shawn Putnam


    What a great looking cue. A Christmas cue dated 12/25/05 by Shawn Putnam. It has 8 points of Bocote into a straight grain Maple nose with spear inlays between the points. A high figured Bocote butt sleeve with silver dash ring work at the butt cap, joint and collars. This cue looks as though it has seen very little play and is in excellent condition. It comes as a complete package with matching custom joint protectors and a new 2 x 3 case. This is a deal that’s hard to pass up. A signed and dated custom cue 2 shaft cue with matching joint protectors, a rich leather wrap, shipped in a new case, at a very low price. Don’t think on this one long. It won’t last.

  • Tony Layne Conversion


    Here’s a truly great cue. This is a conversion cue by Tony Layne. This was a project cue that Tony did personally for us. It was made from a pre 1945 Willie Hoppe Titlist one piece cue. It is listed in Excellent condition, and not new, only because the butt was played with using another Layne shaft. The shafts are full and un-played. They have Moori Mediums and thick black pads. All the white is natural. The wood is a very dark Rosewood and the color in the points is vibrant. Notice the old school thick .060″ nickel rings in the collars and in the matching joint protectors. It comes with the option of a rubber bumper for safe play on hard floors. We have included lots of pictures of the progression of this cue. Notice the changes that where made along the way. Tony decided to pass on the decal. The wrap selection went from textured black to a dark brown Spanish bull print. A lot of work went into the weight bolt. This cue has a slimmer handle with a the butt cap measuring 1.235″. A pricey upgrade by other cue makers. You don’t see cues like this every day. If you are a conversion enthusiast don’t let this cue get away.

  • Tascarella


    Beautiful Brazilian Rosewood butt sleeve and points into straight grain maple. A no nonsense 4 point Hoppe player by a top tier cue builder. Pete’s cues play amazing. Four veneers; black, red, black, red. All natural ferrules and Hoppe ring. Pete is known as the best with leather wraps and this textured leather wrap is no exception. Great cue. Matching custom joint protectors. Nice price. No two year wait. If you want to treat yourself to something special, here it is.


  • Josh Treadway


    Beautiful Ebony Nosed Bridge Point Hoppe from Josh Treadway. Josh said he has only made a few bridge point cues. The wrap is authentic Cortland #9. All the white is natural including the joint protectors. Shaft 2 is unplayed while shaft 1 only has a few hours on it. Both shafts were hand selected by Josh from his reserves of over 1500 pieces of stock. Both have Searing medium tips and have a snug compression fit. The natural over steel joint provides a hit with tremendous feedback. With Ebony nosed cues being so popular, this cue is bargain priced. Seems like just yesterday Josh was being talked about as the new guy with promise. He has definitely kept his promise.

  • Pete Ohman


    A Pete Ohman Cocobolo Sneaky at an insane price! This cue is in great condition with a few small scuffs on the very edge of the butt cap. Tell tale signs of a pool room with tight walls. Other than that this cue looks new. Highly figured Birdseye Maple nose with very nice looking Cocobolo. Decorative rings. Pete’s signature Omen pin. Joint protectors. Dead straight. You would be hard pressed to get a decent production cue for this price. If your in the market for a great player, don’t think twice, cause it will be gone.

  • Manzino


    This is a gorgeous 6 pointer that was built to be played. It has a very rare, solid, un-cored, Gaboon Ebony nose. It comes with 2 original shafts and 1 Predator 314-3 with a Zan Premium soft tip and Bob’s own matching ring work. The wrap is an Italian leather Fantasy Lizard print that has a very soft feel. No banned materials make this cue a world traveler. Bob Manzino is making one of the best hitting cue today. His 6 point cues rival any being made. Demand for Bob’s cues is constantly on the rise making this a good investment. This cue comes with matching joint protectors and the weight is adjustable.

    “I received the cue today. I am pleased that I did a good transaction with you.”  K. Y. / Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan

  • Jerry Rauenzahn


    Is this a great deal or what! A 2 shaft player with a leather wrap by a well known cue builder for under a grand. Bacote butt sleeve and four points with four veneers into Birdseye Maple. Solid hit with a forward balance that you would expect from a steel joint. Full shafts. Shaft #1 is new and has a natural ferrule. Take a great deal and top it off with matching joint protectors. Did we forget something? Oh yeah, this is a Jerry Rauenzahn. For less than you would pay for a production cue, you can own a custom.

  • Eddie Cohen


    Brand New Eddie Cohen Bumperless Hoppe! This cue has not been chalked. The receipt is dated 4/29/17. It has a fine smooth textured leather wrap. The joint is LBM and the Hoppe ring is Juma. The butt sleeve and points are deep black Ebony. The forearm is highly figured Curly Maple. This cue is priced at Eddies current price if ordered today. When we talked with Eddie on 5/2 he said that he currently has a 2 year completion time on new orders. This cue comes with 2 full 13 mm shafts and a 3rd matching smaller 12.1 mm playing shaft. This cue contains no banned materials making it safe for world wide shipping. Matching joint protectors completes this cue.
    Lets see; New, No Wait, Leather Wrap, 3 Shafts, Current Pricing, Matching JPs, No wait, Travel Safe Materials. Some decisions are easy.

  • Bob Manzino


    A stunning cue by the top tier cue builder Bob Manzino. Where to begin? Beautiful high figured Amboyna burl butt sleeve with 3 boxes with real silver diamond inlays and 3 floating silver diamonds between the boxes. Premium lather wrap. Six Ambonya points with 3 veneers into an Ebony nose. The joint collar is also Amboyna and is decorated with silver rings and dots, as are the shaft collars. Bob’s engraved signature 3/8-12 pin. The ferrules are natural material. All that and beautiful matching Manzino custom joint protectors. Priced under 4 grand, you can not go wrong with this cue.

    “Absolutely awesome, fast, easy and professional. I highly recommend doing business with them.”  Greg / Newport News, Virgina

  • Richard Lanz Hoppe Conversion


    Great looking Hoppe conversion by Dick Lanz. Old school white with green spec linen blends nicely with the tan phenolic. The replica decal on the sleeve adds a burst of bright color also. All the white is natural including the solid joint, ring and ferrules. The 3/8-10 shafts have phenolic inserts for a very snug fit. The brown bumper can be removed if you prefer the bumper-less look. Below the chromed weight bolt there is another 2 bolts that weigh 3.5 oz each. By lowering or raising the weights this cue can go from 18.3 up to 21 oz making it fully adjustable to your exact weight preference. The tips are Moori Quick and the matching set of joint protectors complete this cue.