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  • Paul Drexler / pfd Studios


    Great looking player from Paul and Ellen Drexler. Marked lite play for the bluing in the shafts only. The butt is in excellent condition. This cue has both Paul’s signature in the points and the pfd logo on the all natural Hoppe ring. Shaft 2 was made from a 314-2 partial. Both shafts where made in Paul’s shop. The ring work at the joint and shaft collars are black phenolic-stainless-Cocobolo-stainless-black. The thin ring in the center is Cococolo and is hard to capture with the camera but looks great in real life. The veneers in this cue are brightly colored and razor perfect.

  • Mike Bender


    A chance to own a great custom cue by one of the best builders at a production price. The Purple Heart in the butt seems toned down a bit giving it a more Rosewood look. The forearm is straight grain Maple. It comes with one shaft that is very clean and ding free. The cue is not signed but has a very early version of Mike’s 3/8 – 14 signature pin with no markings. The ferrule is lbm making it a good international traveler.


  • Joss West


    A simple yet elegant work of art. Here’s a chance to own a sideways W Joss West at a great price. This is an unrestored, one owner, all original cue. This cue dates from late 1973 to early 1974. Shaft 1 is the original shaft with the micarta ferrule. Shaft 2 was built by Bill Stroud for the original owner 20 some years ago. The cue does show signs of play but was very well taken care of. Both shafts are silky smooth. The matching custom joint protectors complete this cue. If your a big fan of the older Joss West cues, don’t let this one pass you by.

  • Scot Sherbine Titlist Conversion


    One of Scot’s finest works. The craftsmanship in this cue is flawless. Butt plate, joint and both ferrules are all natural materials. You can tell this cue has been test hit but not played. Both shafts have Moori tips. Scot is one of the best at construction and repair. This cue shows it.

  • Jerry Olivier Jump / Break


    This cue has seen a lot of play but has not been abused. It has several nicks in the finish. As far as playability, this is a great cue. It rolls straight together and apart. Jumps great and smashes on the break. Purple Heart into Birds Eye Maple. We just want to be up-front and say this cue is not a show piece but a very functional custom built jump/break.

    “Fast and easy. Another great transaction. Thanks again.”  John / Detroit, Michigan

  • Predator / Falcon


    This is an old stock cue that was made by the Falcon Cue Company of Canada before Predator moved its manufacturing to China. It is a full spliced butt of Rosewood into straight grain Maple. Originally this was a no wrap butt. We added the black with green spec linen to accent the veneers. We also add the brand new Predator 314-2 shaft. This cue has a clean new finish and is ready for action.

    “Thank you for the beautiful cues that I have recently acquired from you.”  Chris / Cleveland, Ohio


  • Fury Evolution EV-3


    A cue with very little play and and a lot of wow. The EV-3 is a limited edition From Fury Cues. Only 200 were made for the US and this is #11. It comes with 2 shafts. The standard and the EX II. The EX is a 10 piece-low deflection shaft comparable to the 314-2. The EX II shafts retail around $240.00 on their own and are getting very good reviews. Matching joint protectors complete this looker.

    “Got the cue today. It looks great!”  Jason / Center Point, Iowa


  • Chris Drew


    This is a full Ebony in great condition. Chris Drew is out of Monroe Michigan and makes great playing, well balanced cues. Drew’s signature is on the Hoppe ring. The joint and Hoppe ring are natural materials. The dash rings and all silver trim are sterling and the wrap is leather. Great price on a  2 shaft signed custom cue with high-end materials.

    “Thanks for the excellent cue. I’ve been hitting a ton the last few days. I plan on buying from you again.”  John / Detroit, Michigan   

  • Mike Gulyassy Reaper JumpCue


    We have to tell you up front that this jump cue was originally a four piece cue. It is missing the one longer 13″ butt piece that would make it at its longest a 54″ jump cue. This cue came to us as part of a package deal and we decided to put it on our Cases Etc. page for someone looking for an inexpensive jump cue to extend their over all game. As is fully assembled it is 47″ and makes a great jump cue for those close ball jump shots. This is the length that is used in over 90% of all jump shots. When these cues were released they sold for $225.00 new. At this price you can get a very good jumper and still have money left to buy a round on league night.

    “Excellent and prompt communication. Very thorough and fast shipping. Item arrived better than described and packaged very well. Buy with confidence!”  Chris / Las Vegas, Nevada 

  • Dennis Dieckman “Kitty Kat Kue”


    A must have for any Dieckman cue collector. This is truly a work of art by a man who has said that he is an artist first. Mahogany and Padux wood points with stich rings at A, B, D, and E. Notice the different colored whiskers on each side of the butt sleeve. A beautiful cue that can be used for pocket and three cushion billiards. Of all four shafts only the one billiard shaft seems to have any play and is very clean and ding-free. Dennis is by far one of the most interesting cue builders out there. He is an avid lover of cats making this a special cue of his creation. He never uses ivory in any of his cues making this cue an international traveler. This cue is way below market price and will only gain value with time. At this price this cue will not be here long.

    “Thanks for the Dieckman cue. I am very satisfied with the transaction, especially our easy and frequent communication and your follow through on everything you said you would do.”  Ho / Singapore