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  • Tulip Wood & Purple Heart Custom Joint Protectors (2)

    Joint Protectors / Tulip & Purple Heart


    Everyone know that a set of cue caps are not just for protection anymore. A great looking set of joint protectors completes a cue. Here is a beautiful set of custom made pool cue joint protectors. Purple Heart between Tulip wood with polished “Hoppe style” weight bolts in the caps. The 5/16-14 shaft protectors will accommodate the largest of pilots including Schon shafts. These are not over sized. They are designed to fit flush with a standard 0.84″ joint. See the pictures of the butt cap on a Tascarella cue. Dress your cue up with this very stylish set of cue caps. This price includes the cost of shipping and all credit card / PayPal processing fees.


  • aramith-super-pro-pool-balls-10

    Aramith Super Pro’s Used


    Comes with a new Red Circle cue ball. They come in the original box that is in good condition. Great set of used balls for less than half the price of new. Theses balls have been played with and show normal signs of wear and tear, but no signs of misuse or abuse. There are a few light marks/scratches on these balls, but no large cracks or gouges. We photographed every ball in this set and tried to show the worst of the worst. See all of the pictures. At this price, we are sure you will be pleased with this set of balls.

  • Centennial Cue Case (14)

    Centennial Case 1 X 2 Tan


    A beautiful looking Tan lizard print leather cue case. This case is real eye catcher. There are some very, very minor scuffs-abrasions but no cuts through the the leather. The grommets are clean and free from rust. The wooden top and bottom are in perfect condition and the interior looks chalk free. Just look at the pictures, this is a case that you would be proud to own.

  • 20150825_193423 (3)

    Restored Runde Era Schon Shaft


    Just to be clear this is not an original Runde/Schon shaft. What it is is a brand new shaft made with the original Runde-Schon stitch ring collar and piloted 5/16-14 pin that was salvaged from a older warped shaft. If you have an older Runde/Schon cue with the stitch ring collars this would make a great addition to that cue. It has an all natural ferrule and a Moori medium tip with a black pad. It’s very difficult to find the older shafts in brand new – straight condition, so this is a way great way to to use your vintage Schon butt with a new matching shaft.

  • rusty-melton-2x2-envelope-cue-case-13

    Rusty Melton Case


    Warning! Don’t buy this case if you like to keep a low profile. It will turn heads. This case is truly like new. Rich brown stained leather with full tubes for 2 butts and 2 shafts. Tooled padded strap and a pocket large enough for a jump butt handle and plenty of room to spare. It comes with the original shipping sleeve. Rusty has a multi-year waiting list for those who are lucky enough to get on it. Here’s one of his great cases without the wait.

    “Just got the case. WOW! Couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks!  Charles/ Independence, Kansas

  • arimith-super-pro-pool-balls-1

    Aramith Super Pros


    This is a almost new set of balls that came with a new Diamond pool table. We say ‘Almost new’ because the owner tried them out for a couple of racks and decide to stick with his Centennials. All the balls in this set are clean, and unmarked. Pretty much what you would expect from a new, barley used set.

  • Curly Maple & Cocobolo Cue Caps (3)

    Joint Protectors / Curly Maple & Cocobolo


    Very popular wood combination of Curly Maple and Cocobolo with thin black trim rings. These are not over sized. They are designed to fit flush with a standard 0.84″ joint. Don’t just protect your cue, dress your cue up with a beautiful set of custom cue caps. This price includes the cost of shipping.

  • ron-thomas-pool-cue-case-16

    Ron Thomas 1X2


    Another great looking case by Ron Thomas. This case is a long 35-3/4 inches. It can handle some of the longest cues out there. The picture with the cue inside of it is a 60 inch cue with joint protectors on. This case could easily carry a 64 inch cue without JP’s. It has an adjustable strap on the back. Not vary common to Ron’s cases. If your looking for a sleek, black Thomas case, here it is. If you need a case for that extra long collectible cue, this is a must have.

  • Ron Thomas Pool Cue Case (8)

    Ron Thomas Case


    A great custom cue deserves a great custom case. Here’s a super sleek, all black smooth leather 1×2 by Ron Thomas. Perfect for the straight pool player. This case will hold a 31″ butt or shaft with 1-1/4″ to spare for a joint protector. Definitely used just for storage, this case is very clean and has no chalk residue in the interior. There are a few very very small marks on the bottom rear of the case probably from being bumped around in a closet. See pictures.

  • Dan Whitten Pool Cue Case (1)

    Dan Whitten Case


    A very stylish 2×2 Whitten, wine colored-alligator large print. This is one of Dan’s cases with the original logo inside the lid. although this is an older case, it is in “Like New” condition. It still has the original pocket padding. This case will hold 30″ shafts with caps or 31″ without caps. It comes with the original pickle rod and Joe’s newer shaft spacers with instructions. If your looking for a pristine-collectible Whitten, you have found it.