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  • Schon OB2 Shaft #2


    This is an OB2 shaft finished by Schon at there factory. It has the nickel silver ring and the Schon 5/16-14 piloted black coated pin. The sign of a true Schon shaft. It also has the Ob logo, Schon and OB2 on the shaft by the collar. Schon is no longer making these. Here is a chance to own one. Tip is the original Tiger Everest and still has a lot of life to it. This shaft has a very slight taper roll as many of the production LD shafts develop over time. It is very slight and the tip does not leave the table when rolled on our cues.

  • Whitten 1 X 2 Case


    A very sleek and clean 1 by 2 cue case for the player that has everything in they’re game with just one cue. Reminiscent of the old days when all a player carried was they’re only cue. The tan lizard print is a very classy look. The case is in great condition with a few scuffs near the bottom and a very little wear around the lid. View the photos. Zipper works as it should. Comes with the spacing material and pickle rod.

    “Just received the cases. Awesome – Better than I had hoped. Thanks again,”  Ed / Mederia Beach, Florida



  • GTF Lizard Print Case


    Not sure why these are referred to as Ron Thomas or Fellini imitation cases. What they are, are very fine quality, rugged , and well built cases that have that old-school appeal that are design inspired by some of the greats. Look at the backside photos, the seem is virtually unnoticeable and the print matches where the lid and the case meet. This case was previously owned but never used. It’s as new as it gets without coming directly from the manufacturer. This case comes with the original sleeve and key.

    “Thanks for a great transaction.”  Ed / Madeira Beach, Florida


  • It’s George Case 1 x 2


    A very nice vintage case. Has seen some use but is in very good condition. Latch works. Very minimal bluing in the interior, (see pictures). Some light scratches and scrapes on the exterior but none so deep as they are through the leather. Mike Roberts is making a very limited production of new cases in this style that are selling for more than twice this price. This is a very classic case with a low price that makes it usable and not just for storage.

  • Instroke Leather 2 X 4


    A very nice looking “Cowboy Style” real leather case. This case has been used but but is in great condition. All zippers, pockets, Straps, and handles work as they should. When buying a case the things to look for are is the wear on the lid, bottom, grommets, handles, straps, corners of the pockets, and the interior. This case passes all the tests in those areas. Leave your Melton and Justice at home. With enough room for your player, jump, break and all the gadgets, this is a perfect league case.

  • Ron Thomas 1 X 2


    A sleek and very stylish by Ron. This case was used for storage only and it is evident in the photos. There are no scuffs on the grommets or bottom of the case and no bluing in interior. It is about as close to brand new as you can get with out the price tag still being on it. Great price on a beautiful case. It won’t last long.

    “I just got the Ron Thomas case and I am very happy! It’s is in better condition than you described it it to be. It’s like Brand New! Thanks again.”  Harold / Clearwater, Florida  

  • Whitten 2 x 4 case


    From a private collection , this case was used only for storage and never traveled out of the house. It is about 12 years old and looks brand new. 


  • Whitten 2 x 4 Cue Case


    A gently used, Whitten non- lite case. Beautiful two tone Lizard print leather. Rich tan leather with Coco brown trim. We have always been fans of the Whitten non – lite cases. They very simply look great and provide superior protection for your expensive cues at a moderate price. This case shows signs of use but not abuse and still has all the eye appeal of a new case without the wait and higher price.


  • It’s George Cue Case


    Great looking soft case by It’s George. This is brand new / old stock. It has not even been used to store cues. Every thing works as it should including the zipper, Velcro pocket and adjustable strap.  It has a built in shaft sleeve and can easily hold one butt and two shafts. This may not not be a high dollar collectible but at this price it makes a great league case and it has the It’s George name.



  • Ariel Carmeli Shaft


    This is a great shaft by a great cue builder. Ariel makes many different double ring shafts. This is the wider, plain double silver rings. If you have a 3/8 – 10 cue by Carmeli or any other custom or production cue this would make a great add or replacement shaft. It rolls dead nuts straight. Not a hair of taper. With a new cost of $170.00 this is a very fine priced custom shaft