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  • Hercek Shaft #1


    Here’s a Joel Hercek shaft in used but great condition. Joel charges $300.00+ for his extra shafts and that’s when your ordering a cue. His wait list is very long. If you have a collectible Hercek cue and are looking for a playing shaft, this would make a great add on to your cue. If you have any 5/16-14 cue that will accept the large compression fitting this would make a nice addition to your cue. The ferrule is all natural material and the tip has a lot of play left in it.

  • Rusty Melton 2 X 4


    Beautiful Rusty Melton 2×4 envelope case. This case has been used but is in like new – pristine condition. It has a very very light trace of chalk inside near the top. Other than that it looks new. No scrapes or wear. See the pictures. It still has that new leather smell and the original storage bag. This case will hold up to 31 inch shafts with caps. The lucky people who get on to Rusty’s list wait over two years to get one of his cases. Here your chance to own one now.

  • Dan Whitten 2 x 2 Case

    Custom made Dan Whitten cue case. We purchased this case from the original owner who was a personal friend of Dan. In 2003 Whitten was making a square 2 x 2 and the owner wanted something flatter like the 2 x 4 and this is what Dan made for him. The case became popular with the owner’s friends and Dan made a dozen or so. This case was used for storage and show, never having a chalked cue in it. With no pockets and room for just a break and a player, this is a very stylish case made of rich supple leather.

  • Schon Shaft


    This shaft is in very good condition and is smooth and ding-free. It has the Schon name stamped and .030″ ring in the collar. This shaft has a very slight taper, less than 1/16 of an inch. We tapered the tip to a dime radius so this shaft has maximum control on the cue ball.  If you have been considering a smaller tipped shaft, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money for a trail run, then this a great shaft for the money.

    “Nice and easy deal as it should be. Fast communications and shipping. Thanks Again.”  Jim / Aloha, Oregon  

  • It’s George Cue Case 2X4


    This is an It’s George – Omega Billiards – exclusive case. It has the logo on both the bottom and the top. That was done only for Omega billiards out of Hurst, Texas. This case looks as though it was only used for storage. It doesn’t appear to have had a chalked cue in it and the grommets on the bottom are scratch free. Very attractive and inexpensive case. Great for a night out or storing a couple of collectibles. It has a full strap on the back and a large padded side handle. It is made of real leather in an eel print. Both zippers work as they should. Comes with the original key.

  • Brunswick Centennial Cue Ball


    If you ever looked for one on it’s own, you know how hard it is to find these. This is an original, made by Brunswick cue ball. It is new un-played. It appears to be older do to the slight yellowing. If yours is nicked up, or if you just want a new spear, don’t pass this one up. You’ll go nuts trying to find one. We do not have the original packaging.

  • DanBuilt 32 X 64 Road Case


    At Custom Billiard Cue we are always trying to bring you unique cues and cases and this has got to be one of the coolest cases we have ever seen. This is a serious case for the serious collector or dealer who likes to travel safely with a large number of cues. It is lined entirely with a dense foam-sponge padding. It has 8 foam trays. Each tray holds 4 butts and 8 shafts. They stack neatly and securely inside of a hard sturdy case edged in heavy gauge aluminum with steel corners. Two very secure locking hasps keep the lid closed tight. It has 2 folding side handles for lifting and a telescoping handle for easy pulling on it’s 2 thick casters. This case has seen light use and is in great condition. Every function of this case works as it should. The only flaws we see is a small section of foam is missing from one of the trays and the top piece of foam was closed in lid. It has a crease and slight tear. (see the last 2 pictures). The price does not include shipping. We will ship the case UPS Ground to the CONUS and the buyer will be billed the exact amount upon shipping. Estimated shipping cost is $50.00 to $100.00 depending on your location.

  • It’s George 2 X 4


    Great looking ostrich print old school It’s George. You can tell this case has been primarily used for storage. It has a scuff free bottom with very clean grommets. Look at the 10″ pocket. There is no wear on the corners that you see on so many of the older cases. It is hard to tell from the pictures but there is a light amount of bluing on the shaft sleeves. Mike Roberts is making a limited amount of new cases but if you want one of his older original cases in great condition don’t let this one go.

  • OB1 5/16-14 Big Pin Shaft


    We picked this shaft up in a trade deal. It was made to fit a Hercek butt. That is why it has the oversize piloted pin. We have fitted it on some of the older Schon’s, Joss West, Richard Black, and other 5/16-14 butts. It will not go on all butts. If you are interested in purchasing this shaft make sure you have a lot of clearance from the pin to to the inside of the joint sleeve. It is very straight and ding free. Still has a lot of tip left on it. The collar finish is a bit on the rough side, (see pictures). This price includes shipping. All in all not a bad deal for someone who wants to try out an OB 1 or low deflection shaft without a lot of out of pocket expense.

  • Schon OB2 Shaft #1


    This is an OB2 shaft finished by Schon at there factory. It has the nickel silver ring and the Schon 5/16-14 piloted black coated pin. The sign of a true Schon shaft. It also has the Ob logo, Schon and OB2 on the shaft by the collar. Schon is no longer making these. Here is a chance to own one. Tip is the original Tiger Everest and still has a lot of life to it. This shaft has a very slight taper roll as many of the production LD shafts develop over time. It is very slight and the tip does not leave the table when rolled on our cues.