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  • Tony Viesti 1×2


    Another “First Ever” case. Tony Viesti’s first 1×2. We took delivery of this case in January of 2018 directly from Tony and it’s never had a cue in it. The leather is thick and well dyed. The light colored stitching contrasts to the dark leather. The handles are thick and soft. This cases simplicity is it’s beauty. The fine craftsmanship is it’s bling. Tony has been making his cases for a few years now and does fantastic work. Fine quality custom case makers seem to be drying up. We all are fortunate to have a case maker like Tony still crafting hand made cases to house those special cues. You can wait a year and get on Tony’s list. Then wait a year to have one made. But you can only buy his first ever 1×2 here.

    “I received my case today and just wanted to say thank you. It looks even better in person, and is a very well built case.”  Shayne / Alabama

  • Chuck Fields 1×2


    A very special offering indeed. This is Chuck Fields’ first ever 1×2 case. The dye job on the leather is gorgeous. It looks like a marbled dark and light brush blend of Mahogany. This case appears to have never had a cue in it. There are no butt or shaft markings on the inside of the lid at all. The grommets on the bottom look like new. The way the felt lining at the top around the tubes is tuft together makes for a very cushy looking home. It’s the small attention to detail like that that makes Chuck Fields one of the best case makers of all time. Chuck only made two 1×2 two cases. The other was a black case with limited tooling. If your a collector, looking for that “Got to have it case” for your special cue, then this case is a must have. We acquired this case in March of 2016 and it has remained in our safe, empty, ever since. It’s time to let someone else enjoy owning this rare treasure.

    At Custom Billiard Cue we are always looking to obtain unique and rare items to offer our customers. This case is a great example of that.

  • Ann Gore 1×2


    A beautiful Ann Gore 1×2. The lid and bottom are in great condition and the latch works as it should. The back seams are tight and even. If you have a big cue and are looking for a display/storage case, This would be a great addition to your collection. This case has a few marks here and there, but it has been expertly retouched and conditioned. Collectors of cues and cases know of Ann’s cases, but for those who don’t, here is a brief history. She worked with Robert Hempel in the 1970’s making many of the earliest Fellini cases. She then went on to start her own line of cases under the name of “Manx.” The last cases she produced were just under her name. Her cases are very rare. We have seen only a handful of Ann’s case come up on the open market in the past five years. Of those cases, this is the only one that we felt was nice enough to acquire.

  • O’Neil 4×8


    A very nice tweed style O’Neil in the 4×8 configuration. This case is in excellent condition and comes with the plush divider pillow. The velvety interior is very clean. You can be sure this is a genuine O’Neil. It has it’s original tag. Cue collectors really like these cases so you don’t see many come up for sale often. If your interested in this case, give us a call. you won’t be disappointed.
    *Do to the size of this case the price does not include shipping. If you are interested in purchasing this case  you will be billed the actual shipping cost.

  • GTF 1×2


    This is a great case made by John Barton of JB Cases. This case is in New Condition/Old Stock. John is no longer making these cases and it is a shame. These were some of the nicest little 1×2 cases ever made. John’s emphasis when making a pool cue case is “Cue Safety First”. The interior of this case is soft, plush and snug fitting. Even the felt dividers are padded. This case also features the rolled leather edges like a Fellini. This was an upgrade on this model of case. It also comes with a brushed brass style lock and key. It also comes with the original shipping sleeve. The key even has a matching leather fob. Great cases. John is no longer making these cases so this is an opportunity to own one that is in new condition.

    Below is a link that John made on these cases:

  • Rusty Melton 2×4


    Here’s a special case straight out of our personal collection. This is Rusty’s first ever “Fully Tubed” 2×4 Envelope Style Case. We know this because we ordered it directly from Rusty back in may of 2016. This case is in new/unused/never had a cue in it condition, and it is stunning. Rusty had to cut the front and back panel wider to accommodate the extra tubes. That makes this case about 3/4″ wider than Rusty’s standard 2×2 envelope case. The extra width is very noticeable, and it makes this case stand out. The strap pouch was an extra $100.00 add on when we ordered this case. It might be over kill, but on a special case like this, we didn’t want to hold back. This case also has a couple extra rows of tooling down the front and back. And then there’s the finish. Rusty is the best when it comes to staining leather and this case shows it. The stain has a marbled effect that is a combination of the finish and the natural grain of the leather. Do you want something special in a case? Are you looking for an elusive Rusty Melton? Do you require a 2×4 case for your games needs? Then look no further. Custom Billiard Cue has the case for you.

    “The case arrived this morning safe and sound. Thanks so much, it is beautiful.”  Brian / Eldridge, Iowa

  • Fellini


    Look no further for a like new Fellini. This is a beautiful 1×2 black lizard print leather case. No rust on the grommets or lock. No blue chalk dust inside. The lid is in perfect shape and seam on the back has no separation at all. If you have seen the current selling prices of Fellini cases in OK condition, then you know this is a great price on a pristine case.

  • Rusty Melton 2×2


    A great looking Rusty Melton envelope style cue case. This one in the color of cordovan. Rusty’s cases are becoming harder to find on the secondary market and this one comes with the original shipping sleeve. It is as close to new as it gets. If you have been looking for a Melton for your special cue, don’t wait. This case will sell fast.

  • It’s George 1×2


    Another great older It’s George 1×2 case. This cue is in fine condition. The color looks like a brick reddish brown. We believe that the leather pattern is the small turtle print. It shows signs of use but not abuse. The zipper on the pocket and lock work as they should. This would make a great league carry case. If you have been looking for a nice George 1×2, this case is ready to go.

    “I received my cue and case today. I just want to say that both the cue and the case are even better than the pictures. The cue is awesome, I couldn’t be any happier. And the shipping was amazing. I ordered the case on Friday, it was shipped on Saturday and I received on Monday. All I can say is WOW, Thank You. I hope to do business with you again.”  Andy / Virginia

  • Steve Price 1×2 Mahogany


    A very beautiful example of just how stylish that less is truly more. Steve Price built some of the greatest cue cases ever. His approach was to always use leathers that had great texture and character. Simple carvings and sometimes inlays. He made a fair amount of cases, but you almost never see them come up for sale. Why? Those who are lucky enough to own them, treasure them. Here’s your chance to own a very rare piece of billiard case history. Or two. This is one of two Price cases that we have on our website right now. The other is the sister case to this one and they make a beautiful set. It would be shame to break them up, but if only one sells first before they sell as a pair, well that’s life in the billiard business. Both cases have Steve Prices’ signature, inside of the cases, on paper wrapped around the tubes. Both cases were made in 2010. Truly a magnificent set of two gorgeous cases, and to have them both together, very rare indeed.

    “I would like to write how beautiful these cases are! What a wonderful thing to receive something that is even more beautiful in person than the pictures could show. Thank you very much!!!”  Christopher / California