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  • Tony Viesti 1×2


    Another “First Ever” case. Tony Viesti’s first 1×2. We took delivery of this case in January of 2018 directly from Tony and it’s never had a cue in it. The leather is thick and well dyed. The light colored stitching contrasts to the dark leather. The handles are thick and soft. This cases simplicity is it’s beauty. The fine craftsmanship is it’s bling. Tony has been making his cases for a few years now and does fantastic work. Fine quality custom case makers seem to be drying up. We all are fortunate to have a case maker like Tony still crafting hand made cases to house those special cues. You can wait a year and get on Tony’s list. Then wait a year to have one made. But you can only buy his first ever 1×2 here.

  • Ann Gore 1×2


    A beautiful Ann Gore 1×2. The lid and bottom are in great condition and the latch works as it should. The back seams are tight and even. If you have a big cue and are looking for a display/storage case, This would be a great addition to your collection. This case has a few marks here and there, but it has been expertly retouched and conditioned. Collectors of cues and cases know of Ann’s cases, but for those who don’t, here is a brief history. She worked with Robert Hempel in the 1970’s making many of the earliest Fellini cases. She then went on to start her own line of cases under the name of “Manx.” The last cases she produced were just under her name. Her cases are very rare. We have seen only a handful of Ann’s case come up on the open market in the past five years. Of those cases, this is the only one that we felt was nice enough to acquire.

  • O’Neil 4×8


    A very nice tweed style O’Neil in the 4×8 configuration. This case is in excellent condition and comes with the plush divider pillow. The velvety interior is very clean. You can be sure this is a genuine O’Neil. It has it’s original tag. Cue collectors really like these cases so you don’t see many come up for sale often. If your interested in this case, give us a call. you won’t be disappointed.
    *Do to the size of this case the price does not include shipping. If you are interested in purchasing this case  you will be billed the actual shipping cost.

  • Rusty Melton 2×4


    Here’s a special case straight out of our personal collection. This is Rusty’s first ever “Fully Tubed” 2×4 Envelope Style Case. We know this because we ordered it directly from Rusty back in may of 2016. This case is in new/unused/never had a cue in it condition, and it is stunning. Rusty had to cut the front and back panel wider to accommodate the extra tubes. That makes this case about 3/4″ wider than Rusty’s standard 2×2 envelope case. The extra width is very noticeable, and it makes this case stand out. The strap pouch was an extra $100.00 add on when we ordered this case. It might be over kill, but on a special case like this, we didn’t want to hold back. This case also has a couple extra rows of tooling down the front and back. And then there’s the finish. Rusty is the best when it comes to staining leather and this case shows it. The stain has a marbled effect that is a combination of the finish and the natural grain of the leather. Do you want something special in a case? Are you looking for an elusive Rusty Melton? Do you require a 2×4 case for your games needs? Then look no further. Custom Billiard Cue has the case for you.

    “The case arrived this morning safe and sound. Thanks so much, it is beautiful.”  Brian / Eldridge, Iowa

  • Centennial 2×4


    Here's a great looking Centennial by Mike Bergman. You don't see many of these 2×4 Centennials come up for sale often. This case looks as though it has been used as a carry, but don't let the little scratches scare you off. The zipper on the pocket still works fine, and the back seam is tight. The lid still fits as snug as the day it was made, and the strap is as strong as it was when it left Mike's shop. This is a great case to own as a collectible or a carry. This price includes Priority Shipping.

  • Steve Price


    Sleek, Stylish, Rare, Collectible, This case meets all of those requirements. Other than our website, when was the last time you have seen a Steve Price case for sale? They are rarely seen for sale on the open market. Why? Because they are very collectible. They’re sleek 1×2 style design is the hot case for storing and displaying those very special cues, and this one has the extra of tooling on the front. If you ever wanted to add one to your collection, don’t wait on this one. It will not be for sale long.

  • Fellini / Suede 1×2


    Who doesn’t want to own an original Fellini case. Here’s a rare suede Fellini. Just like a nice suede jacket, most of the suede cases didn’t stand the test of time. A little rain. Spilled drink. Most of them would wear out right in the middle just from where they were being held. This case has held up very well. It does show some minor signs of wear, but is in very fine condition. The latch still works and the lid is nice and tight. The back seam has no separation. The grommets are in great shape. A suede Fellini cases in this good of condition is a great find. Don’t let it get away.

  • Fellini


    Nothing like a black Fellini case. They make such special homes for those big monster cues. Here we have one in very fine condition. The back seam is tight. The lock works. The ends are clean. This case does show signs of use, but not abuse. If you have been looking for a Fellini then you know how hard they are to find. Especially any that look this good. Think about it. There are more and more big cues being made today, with fewer cases like these to house them. When one becomes available, you have to grab on to it.

  • Tony Viesti 1×2


    This is Tony’s third 1×2 cue case. The first and second 1×2’s are already in a private collections. Tony Viesti has only been making cue cases for a little over 2 years now and his work is some of the best we have ever seen. He uses only the finest materials when making all of his cases right down to the imported threads for the stitching . The leather is very thick and rich. His cases are built to last a lifetime. His work speaks for it’s self as he already has a 1 year waiting list. We don’t know what the future holds for Tony, but if you are a serious case collector, you are going to want one of his cases for your own.

  • 314-2 Radial Shaft


    They don’t make them like this anymore. Great condition 314-2 shaft with a newer Predator victory soft tip. The thin black collar makes it an easy match to any cue. Comes with the original joint protector. Has a few very tiny dings in the finished end close by the collar. To small to photograph. The playing part of the shaft is very smooth and ding free. This price includes all PayPal/Credit Card Fees and shipping.