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  • The Rattle Ring!


    Tube style cases. We love them. But there really is no way to keep the joint of the cue butt from from rattling back forth in the tube. Until now. Introducing the Rattle Ring!

    What’s a Rattle Ring? It’s the easiest way to keep your expensive custom cue from rattling around in any tube style case. The Rattle Ring is a disc made of Delrin plastic that screws on to your cues pin before you put your joint protector on. Giving the joint of your cue a wider profile, and keeping it from rattling back an forth inside the tube of your case.

    Most cue collectors will properly store their expensive cue collection in equally expensive custom cue cases. They put the cases in their closets and safes. When they pull the cases out to view they’re collection, the first thing they feel is all the cues inside of the case rattling around. And if the top of your cue is rocking back and forth, whats going on with the butt cap of your cue down in the bottom of the tube. Now, there is a safe and easy way to prevent that from happening.

    The Rattle Rings are made of Delrin plastic. It is hard and durable, yet won’t scratch your cue. The top and bottom edges of the Rings are tapered so they will slide easily in and out of your cue case.

    The rattle Ring is available in threaded sizes of 5/16-14, 5/16-18, 3/8-10, 3/8-11,3/8-12, and Radial. The 5/16-14 and 5/16-18 Rings have a cavity for your joint protectors pilot. The Rattle Ring is also available in a non threaded version. It has a slightly larger than  3/8″ non threaded hole cut in the center. Simply slide it over your cues pin and screw on your joint protector until it is snug. Do to it’s thickness, the Rattle Ring will add an additional .32″ of length to the total length of your cue with your joint protector on.

    The price is $15.00 per one piece and includes shipping within the United States. Additional pieces shipped in the same package are $10.00 each. Get a Pair of Rattle Rings for that 2×4 custom tube case for only $25.00 and keep those cues from rattling.

    Baby your custom cues with a rattle. A Rattle Ring!

    *The Rattle Ring is not intended to act alone as a pool cue joint protector.
    *The Rattle Ring is is designed to be used on the butt of your cue.
    *The Rattle Ring is intended to be used with the butt when being stored in the upright direction with the the joint of your cue’s butt being near the top of your case.
    *NEVER insert the butt of your cue with the Rattle Ring connected into your case in the downward position.
    *If it doesn’t seem to fit, don’t force it.
    *Custom Billiard Cue is not responsible for any damage to your case caused by improper use of the Rattle Ring.


  • Ann Gore 1×2


    A beautiful Ann Gore 1×2. The lid and bottom are in great condition and the latch works as it should. The back seams are tight and even. If you have a big cue and are looking for a display/storage case, This would be a great addition to your collection. This case has a few marks here and there, but it has been expertly retouched and conditioned. Collectors of cues and cases know of Ann’s cases, but for those who don’t, here is a brief history. She worked with Robert Hempel in the 1970’s making many of the earliest Fellini cases. She then went on to start her own line of cases under the name of “Manx.” The last cases she produced were just under her name. Her cases are very rare. We have seen only a handful of Ann’s case come up on the open market in the past five years. Of those cases, this is the only one that we felt was nice enough to acquire.

  • Rusty Melton 2×4


    Here’s a special case straight out of our personal collection. This is Rusty’s first ever “Fully Tubed” 2×4 Envelope Style Case. We know this because we ordered it directly from Rusty back in may of 2016. This case is in new/unused/never had a cue in it condition, and it is stunning. Rusty had to cut the front and back panel wider to accommodate the extra tubes. That makes this case about 3/4″ wider than Rusty’s standard 2×2 envelope case. The extra width is very noticeable, and it makes this case stand out. The strap pouch was an extra $100.00 add on when we ordered this case. It might be over kill, but on a special case like this, we didn’t want to hold back. This case also has a couple extra rows of tooling down the front and back. And then there’s the finish. Rusty is the best when it comes to staining leather and this case shows it. The stain has a marbled effect that is a combination of the finish and the natural grain of the leather. Do you want something special in a case? Are you looking for an elusive Rusty Melton? Do you require a 2×4 case for your games needs? Then look no further. Custom Billiard Cue has the case for you.

    “The case arrived this morning safe and sound. Thanks so much, it is beautiful.”  Brian / Eldridge, Iowa

  • Fellini / Suede 1×2


    Who doesn’t want to own an original Fellini case. Here’s a rare suede Fellini. Just like a nice suede jacket, most of the suede cases didn’t stand the test of time. A little rain. Spilled drink. Most of them would wear out right in the middle just from where they were being held. This case has held up very well. It does show some minor signs of wear, but is in very fine condition. The latch still works and the lid is nice and tight. The back seam has no separation. The grommets are in great shape. A suede Fellini cases in this good of condition is a great find. Don’t let it get away.

    “Received the case and it’s in excellent shape. I’d been looking for one of these for a while.”  Roger / California

  • Fellini


    Nothing like a black Fellini case. They make such special homes for those big monster cues. Here we have one in very fine condition. The back seam is tight. The lock works. The ends are clean. This case does show signs of use, but not abuse. If you have been looking for a Fellini then you know how hard they are to find. Especially any that look this good. Think about it. There are more and more big cues being made today, with fewer cases like these to house them. When one becomes available, you have to grab on to it.

    Currently on Layaway
    If you see a case or cue you like but find yourself short on funds, consider our cue layaway plan. With only 20 percent down and up to 12 months to pay, don’t let that dream case or cue get away.

  • 314-2 Radial Shaft


    They don’t make them like this anymore. Great condition 314-2 shaft with a newer Predator victory soft tip. The thin black collar makes it an easy match to any cue. Comes with the original joint protector. Has a few very tiny dings in the finished end close by the collar. To small to photograph. The playing part of the shaft is very smooth and ding free. This price includes all PayPal/Credit Card Fees and shipping.