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  • David Jacoby


    Cocobolo butt and forearm with turquoise trimmed Maple points. Eight up and eight down. Very neat multi-colored stacked wrap and double stainless silver rings at all 5 positions. Signed and dated. Topped off with custom Cocobolo joint protectors.

    “Put the cue through 14 hours of pool yesterday. Extremely happy with it. Great looking and playing cue. Thanks for the quick response, sale and shipment.”  Alan / Saint Paul, Minnesota  

  • Tony Sauer Titlist Conversion


    A must have custom conversion by Tony Sauer. The old colors came out very bright after being turned down. All the white is natural material including the ferrules. The wrap is real Cortland linen. The shafts are silky smooth and of exceptionally high quality. The tips are Moori’s  with thick black backers. All topped off with custom joint protectors. Tony originally made this as a bumperless Hoppe, but we added the tapped weight bolt and brown bumper for those who prefer the protection of  a bumper. Of course, for the purest’s, we will also be including the original weight bolt for those who appreciate the rugged beauty that only a bumperless Hoppe can provide. Besides all of it’s great looks, this cue hits. And although this is a new conversion there is something about the old linen and bright teal and magenta veneers that gives this cue and old school feel. We have been guilty of saying it before, but this one won’t last long.

  • Ned Morris Custom Cues


    Brazilian Rosewood into Brazilian Rosewood with 4 veneers; rust, black, teal, natural. Custom matching joint protectors and Kamui Black tips. Five weight bolts make this cue adjustable down to 18.7 ounces in 0.1 increments for that perfect custom weight. The Hoppe ring is LBM for our international customers. This cue has seen very little play and really looks brand new. Now take all of that and remember it has Ned’s great hit!

    “I am extremely satisfied with everything and I like the wrap I choose for Ned Morris. Warmest regards.”  Davor / Croatia, Europe 

  • Tony Layne Jump/Break #29 Spectrum


    A Brand New Tony Layne Jump/Break Cue in brightly colored Spectrum. This is a brand new cue. The Dymondwood makes for a very heavy shaft and that is the key to making effortless jumps with these cues. This cue has a good variety of colors, topped off with Tony’s custom joint protectors.

  • DanBuilt 32 X 64 Road Case


    At Custom Billiard Cue we are always trying to bring you unique cues and cases and this has got to be one of the coolest cases we have ever seen. This is a serious case for the serious collector or dealer who likes to travel safely with a large number of cues. It is lined entirely with a dense foam-sponge padding. It has 8 foam trays. Each tray holds 4 butts and 8 shafts. They stack neatly and securely inside of a hard sturdy case edged in heavy gauge aluminum with steel corners. Two very secure locking hasps keep the lid closed tight. It has 2 folding side handles for lifting and a telescoping handle for easy pulling on it’s 2 thick casters. This case has seen light use and is in great condition. Every function of this case works as it should. The only flaws we see is a small section of foam is missing from one of the trays and the top piece of foam was closed in lid. It has a crease and slight tear. (see the last 2 pictures). The price does not include shipping. We will ship the case UPS Ground to the CONUS and the buyer will be billed the exact amount upon shipping. Estimated shipping cost is $50.00 to $100.00 depending on your location.

  • R1 Schon


    A great example of one of Bob Runde’s earliest Schon cues. It’s basic clean simplicity is this cue’s true beauty. Light stained Birdeye Maple forearm and butt sleeve. Runde’s signature stitch rings in all five positions. Great collectible.

    “Beginning to end, excellent service. Cue arrived in perfect condition. Thanks.”  Bobby / San Diego, California

  • It’s George 2 X 4


    Great looking ostrich print old school It’s George. You can tell this case has been primarily used for storage. It has a scuff free bottom with very clean grommets. Look at the 10″ pocket. There is no wear on the corners that you see on so many of the older cases. It is hard to tell from the pictures but there is a light amount of bluing on the shaft sleeves. Mike Roberts is making a limited amount of new cases but if you want one of his older original cases in great condition don’t let this one go.

  • Pedator BK 2


    One of the best no-nonsense break cues ever made. This is a great find for anyone who ever want a wrap-less BK 2 and did not get one when they were available. It is very difficult to find an older no-wrap break cue in this great of condition. A side from a few very minor blemishes on the forearm near the joint, this cue is in excellent shape. If you ever wanted one, grab it.

  • Schon R6


    We take great pride in finding and bringing to our customers the finest cues. This cue is just that. Too many Schon collectors and enthusiasts the R6 is the epitome of Schon cues. For it’s simple style, grace, and razor sharp points in vibrant colors. We purchased this cue from it’s original owner and have been sitting on it patiently for 2 months while the matching custom joint protector were being made. Both shafts are original to the cue and have Micarta ferules and brand new Moori medium tips. A nice addition to this cue would be the restored Runde Schon stitch ring collar shaft that we have for sale also. If you have been looking for a perfect R6 for your collection, here it is.
    If you see a cue on our website and you really like it, don’t hesitate. This cue sold in less than 48 hours.

    “Custom Billiard Cue is great to deal with! Nice cues, with fast and reliable customer service.”  Jeff / Ewa Beach, Hawaii   

  • Joss West


    A great looking Joss West with the sideways W. This cue has seen some play but is in great shape for it’s age. If you have bee looking for a vintage Joss West to add to your collection, or simply want terrific playing cue that will hold it’s value, than look no further. It has a brand new linen wrap, and it hits. Shaft 1 has an all natural ferrule with a crisp clean feel. Shaft 2 is topped with micarta.  There is one small blemish on the butt cap about an inch below the J; (see pictures), other than that, this cue is in fantastic shape.