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  • Vintage Schon Jacket


    If your a Schon cue enthusiast how can you pass this up? A must have piece of nostalgia for the Schon fans. Very cool retro jacket that is New Stock / Vintage! Great light weight jacket for the spring or fall. This jacket has no signs of ever have being worn. The collar and sleeve cuffs are dirt free and not stretched. Both the front and back logo are high thread count embossed through the jacket. The logo features the Brunswick Balke Collender Company Kling table.  At Custom Billiard Cue we really like bringing rare finds to our customers. This jacket is as rare as it gets.

  • Whitten 1×2 Case


    Featured Cue of the Month

    Every month or so we put up a cue at a great price. Keep checking back because you never know when we are going to list it.

    Switching things up this month with a great deal on a Whitten 1×2 case. Black lizard print on leather with dark blue stitching. It comes with a set of spacers and the pickle rod. This case shows signs of wear. There are a few blemishes and wear spots on the leather of the case. The most obvious is the mark on the pocket. Take a look at all the pictures closely. That being said, this is a great used case in very good condition. The foam padding in the pocket is still there which would seem that this case was used for storage and not a carry. This style of case from Joe Whitten , with the pocket and padded strap, would cost $345.00 new without shipping. That’s less than half off the cost of new and makes this a great deal. If your looking for a good storage case, or a stylish league night carrier, here’s the case for you.

    This is a “To your door price!” It includes the cost of USPS priority insured shipping and PayPal/Credit Card fees.

    The first person to contact us and pay by PayPal, Credit Card or through Zelle Bank Pay gets this great deal!

  • Ron Thomas 1×2 Black Smooth


    One of the hardest to find Ron Thomas cases. A pristine condition black smooth leather 1×2. What makes this case so rare is the condition. These soft smooth leather cases almost always wind up with at least a scar or two. This case is clean and scratch free. No blue on the felt. The perfect home for that special Ebony cue. Seriously. This is the best Ron Thomas black smooth leather we have seen in years. Do not hesitate. You will not see another being offered for a very long time.

  • David Jacoby 0314-109


    What a great looking cue. This is a deal that’s hard to pass up. A signed and dated 2 shaft custom cue with matching joint protectors, at a below wholesale price. Beautiful Honduran Rosewood Burl and Red Heart segmented handle. The joint is phenolic, sleeved with matching burl. It comes with one of David’s Edge Hybrid shafts. The Edge Hybrid shaft alone sells for over $250.00 and is one of the best made low-deflection shafts on the market. Seriously! If you like other LD shafts, you’ll love the Edge. There is a slight discoloration under the finish by David’s signature. Other than that this cue is in great condition. Just look at the pictures. If your a fan of wrapless cues, you will be very pleased when this one arrives on your door. Don’t think long on this one. It won’t last.

    Currently on Layaway
    If you see a cue you like but find yourself short on funds, consider our cue layaway plan. With only 20 percent down and up 12 months to pay, don’t let that dream cue get away.

  • Ron Thomas 2×4 Case


    Here’s a rare find. A Ron Thomas 1×2 with duel pockets. Seriously. When was the last time you have seen a Thomas 2×4 with pockets for sale? This a real beautiful case in person. Perfect for a league case and the player who likes their gadgets. The big pocket is long enough to fit most standard jump cue butts. Strap and side handle adorn this sharp carry. The pocket corners were a little scuffed, but they were touched up and look fine. See pictures of pockets. The matching 1×2 case is also for sale here on our website.

  • Richard Black Merry Widow


    A very fine example of a merry widow cue. Simple classic. The finish and wrap are original. When it was made it was a one shaft cue. Notice the thicker ring in the original shaft. The single owner of this cue had the second shaft made by Richard some 10 years ago. Both shafts have new Kamikaze brown medium tips. What this cue lacks in bling, it more than makes up for it hit. A Richard Black steel joint hit. Whether it’s a plainer cue such as this, or a loaded monster, Richard’s cues always have that amazing hit. If your a merry widow collector, don’t let this one pass you by.
    We replaced the original weight bolt of this cue with an aluminum bolt, lightening the original weight of the cue by 1-1/10 ounces. The original weight bolt will be included with the sale of this cue.

  • Manzino


    Brand new Bob Manzino four pointer. The veneers are stunning. Black, reddish orange, and blue over ebony points. The small diamond inlays in the points and butt are real silver. It’s cool how Bob takes small accents and makes them stand out by using quality materials. And he uses quality materials through out with the all natural inlays and ferrules. Not to mention the premium wrap. The quality goes beyond the materials and into the construction. All of the dashes in the rings line up perfectly with the points and inlays. It’s little things like that that put Bob’s cues above some many others. Then there’s the playability. The hit compares with any of the best cues out there. His cues are sought after around the world. This cue is new. It came from a private collection and is unplayed.

  • David Kikel


    Butterflies up and down. Just take a look at this beauty from David Kikel. Premium high figured Birdseye used in both the nose and butt sleeve. Craig Peterson style tipped Ebony points both up and down. The butterfly points are Purple Heart, Yellow Heart, and what appears to be Cocobolo. This cue contains 32 natural inlays in the butt and 8 in each shaft. Along with the natural joint and ferrules. It has a very soft textured textured leather wrap. Great hit. Great to look at. Great to play with. At this price this cue would make a fine addition to any collection.

  • Ron Thomas 1×2 Elephant


    An exotic skin case from the 1×2 tubed case master Ron Thomas. This case is in new condition. Just look at the pictures. Rich deep brown color. Tight seemed with a clean bottom and lid. Smooth grommets and no bluing. The 1×2 case market has seen a great increase in the last couple of years. It’s simple math. More and more great expensive cues are being made while fewer custom cue case makers are producing 1×2 homes for them. Word has it that Ron is still making a few cases. But that’s a very thin, and unsubstantiated word. Here is an opportunity to own a beautiful case for that special cue of yours.

  • It’s George 1×2 Tan Shark Skin


    Another true exotic case. A real shark skin vintage It’s George 1×2 by Mike Roberts. This is a full shark skin case made from very thick skin from a larger shark. Not your typical case made from small grain skin and used on the front and back panel as trim. Very cool creamy light brown color. Has the original strap pad. Other than a few very very light signs of wear, this case is as new as a case of this age gets. Just look at the pictures. Where else are you going to find a case of this caliber for such a low price. Own a monster? Park it in this garage.