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  • It's George cue case (15)

    It’s George Cue Case


    Great looking soft case by It’s George. This is brand new / old stock. It has not even been used to store cues. Every thing works as it should including the zipper, Velcro pocket and adjustable strap.  It has a built in shaft sleeve and can easily hold one butt and two shafts. This may not not be a high dollar collectible but at this price it makes a great league case and it has the It’s George name.



  • Ariel Carmeli Shaft (11)

    Ariel Carmeli Shaft


    This is a great shaft by a great cue builder. Ariel makes many different double ring shafts. This is the wider, plain double silver rings. If you have a 3/8 – 10 cue by Carmeli or any other custom or production cue this would make a great add or replacement shaft. It rolls dead nuts straight. Not a hair of taper. With a new cost of $170.00 this is a very fine priced custom shaft


  • Steve Klapp Cue (7)

    Steve Klapp Shaft


    One of Steve’s old growth custom shafts. Made from 140 year old timber. The wood has a dark rich color and a beautiful grain to it. There is a large sugar mark near the ferrule end that is clear in the pictures. This is a natural mark and does not affect the density of the wood or playability of the shaft. Here is one at a great price. This shaft has a very slight taper when rolled. Less than a credit card.



  • Joel Hercek Cues (6)

    Hercek Cue Shaft


    Another fine Hercek shaft with very little play. This was a closet shaft that the one original owner only used for less than an hour.

    “Great communication. Fast shipping.”  Kirby / Mission Viejo, California

  • Joel Hercek (7)

    Hercek Cue Shaft


    A great cue shaft by one the best in the industry. This is a brand new never played shaft with an old school Moori original tip. It would make a great addition to any Hercek cue and will fit a lot of other 5/16 – 14 cues. If you like it don’t wait. These usually sell very fast used and this is a new one!

    “Very Nice. Very professional. Just as you told me. Thanks.”  Greg / Paramus, New Jersey

  • Hercek Cues (7)

    Hercek Cue Shaft


    A great looking Hercek shaft. Joel has a 10 year waiting list and the quality of his craftsmanship has a lot to do with it. The ferrule and white dashes in the collar are all natural material. The tip is an old school original Moori. The shaft has a very slight taper roll, less than a 16th of an inch. This shaft would make a great spare to any Hercek cue. It could also be used on many 5/16-14 joint cues.

    “One of the best! Item as described.”  Kirby / Mission Viejo, California 

  • 20140531_094124

    3 x 5 J J Cue Case with Stand


    A brand new J J 3 x 5 cue case. Spring loaded tubes allow you to assemble your cues and store them up-right while shooting. We have seen this case sell for $150.00. Holds 31 inch long butts and shafts. Very strong and durable construction. This is a case that will last decades.


  • G Core Shaft (4)

    McDermott G-Core Shaft


    This is a great deal on a test hit G-Core shaft. A great addition to any 3/8 – 10 cue. With a new cost over $125.00 this is a very good deal on one of the best low deflection shafts being produced. This shaft is dead straight. If you have been putting off trying a LD shaft because of the cost, here’s your chance. For a small dollar amount you could completely change your game.


  • 20140918_135347 (2)

    Ron Caudle Case


    Ron Caudle makes custom cases at his home in Georgia. He works on mostly pistol and shot gun cases, but occasionally he’ll make a cue case. This would make a beautiful home for that special cue. The fine craftsmanship he displays is stunning.

  • Predator 314 Shaft  For Sale

    Predator 314 Shaft / Uni-Loc


    A very clean Predator 314 cat shaft. This appears to be one of those shafts that was purchased and used by the owner who did not care for it. The tip is original and is barley worn. The wood has hardly an discoloration along with the ferrule. The collar is mint and it rolls nuts. Your basically getting a new shaft; that you can’t even purchase anymore, at a price over a hundred dollars less than a gen 2. If you have a a Uni-Loc cue this is a great addition.