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  • Meucci Originals

    Meucci Original


    We honestly don’t know much about Meuccis, but this cue has to be from the late 70′s due to its color. It sat in a closet for almost twenty years until we got it from its second owner. We have done hours of research and have never seen an Original that is an exact match to this one. It has the most intense yellowing of Meucci’s old finish we have ever seen. We have heard a lot of opinions from a lot of collectors, but nobody has ever produced a picture of an exact copy of this cue. A great cue for the unique Meucci collector.


  • Mike Gulyassy cue

    Mike Gulyassy – All Around


    A brand new beautiful all around jump/playing cue by Mike “Babyface” Gulyassy. Mikes a great player who makes a great cue. All natural material used for the joint and butt cap. This a very solid hitting and versatile cue with lots of eye appeal. Check out the blue stitch rings with the fine white hash lines, these are Mike’s signature rings and are found on a lot of his cues.

  • Andy Gilbert Cue

    Andy Gilbert


    Beautiful Bocote forearm and butt sleeve. Not surprising; both shafts are the exact same, one of Andy’s signature commitments to excellence. The joint is all natural material, The butt cap and ferrules are lbm. For some bonus added cool factor check out the built in 8 ball logo in the wood grain. Two years old and very lightly played, this is a super deal on a 2 shaft custom from one of the best builders out there.

    “The cue is a cannon! Thanks for all your help”.  Al / New York, New York  


  • Falcon Predator

    Falcon Predator with Brand New 314-2 Shaft


    A fully Restored Falcon Predator full spliced Rosewood butt. This is one of the butts made in Canada by the Falcon Cue Co. before Predator moved to China. This butt has been completely restored and the linen wrap was added. As you can see it comes with a brand new, un-chalked predator 314-2 shaft (made in China). This a great price for a true full spliced cue with a new $200.00 shaft.


  • Tony Sauer Cue (2)

    Tony Sauer


    A beauty of a cue from Tony Sauer. Great looking color work in the veneers with Rosewood points and butt sleeve. Straight grain forearm and black phenolic collars. Tony is known for building no nonsense, great hitting cues. He also does inlays and terrific ring work. This is a great price on a 2 shaft custom. Tony’s cues are gaining in notoriety and we predict will climbing in value in the near future. For more information on Tony go to our “News & Interviews” for a great 20 question interview and slide show of some of his work.

    “The cues look fantastic! They arrived in great shape and were packed very well.”  Davor / Croatia   

  • Lanz Custom Cues

    Richard Lanz


    We have a brand new cue from Dick Lanz of Lanz Custom Cues. Dick is a good friend of ours and does all of our repairs. Every time I drop off or pick up something he is always working on a custom build. Dick is listed in the 3rd. edition Blue Book of Cues and has some color photos on page 59. I finally decided to ask him to do a build for us and this is the result. Cocobolo butt cap, sleeve and points into Birdseye Maple. A beautiful 2 shaft, leather wrapped with custom joint protectors and Moori tips. The cue has a light weight at 18.8 oz. but the steel joint gives it a forward balance making seem heavier and gives it a very solid hit. For a great price you could own a custom cue from a cue make with over 25 years in experience.

    “Fantastic to deal with. They’re customer service is hard to beat!”  Davor / Croatia

  • PFD Studios

    pfd Studios


    This is not just a plain Jane sneaky, but a stunning Cocobolo head turner. The butt is in excellent condition and the full shaft is very clean and smooth. This is a chance to own a super hitting custom cue by Paul Drexler at a great price. The Hoppe ring and joint look like the real thing but there is no cross marks on the flat of the joint so were guessing that it is probably Elforyn or some other look a like material. This cue makes a great daily player or would be right at home in a fine collection.

    “It looks and feels brand new! Custom Billiard Cue is a great cue shop! Who else is this easy to work with. Thanks.”  Mark / Cottonwood, Arizona  

  • JW Petree Cue (2)

    J. W. Petree


    A great looking J. W. Petree from the start of his career. A true sneaky with no inlays or or joint trim. Just a very clean black ebony into straight grain Maple. Petree is known for making his own full spliced blanks and ever cue he makes is one of a kind. Two inches longer than the standard cue and does not show any signs of wear. The butt is ding free and the shaft is very smooth. Great collector.

  • Samsara Cues

    Samsara Cues


    A very stunning brand new Samsara cue with six points up and down. Ebony into Bicote with a very thin natural and black veneer. Very cool ring work on the butt. This is a custom built cue by Jim and Dave. They build some of best looking cues out there. Two shafts with joint protectors and a very solid hit. This cue will turn heads.

    This cue is on it’s way to Indonesia.

  • Runde cue (16)

    Runde 12


    Up front we have to say this is a beautiful cue. This cue came to us as part of a large package of cues. That being said, the two shafts that come with it are not original to the cue. The OB shaft’s price new is $165.00 and the Superior Shaft new would be around $225.00. We talked with Mr. Runde and he said he could make a shaft to go with the cue for $150.00 and it would take about a month. Both shafts have the small plain black collars for a perfect match just like Runde’s. The OB makes a great break or playing shaft. The Superior shafts are quite rare as they are made from submerged lumber salvaged from Lake Superior. Stradivari used submerged lumber for his violins. If your looking for some cool history in a shaft, there you are. The cue its self is very sharp looking. Rich Mahogany into Birdseye Maple with the dash rings bordering the wrap area.