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  • GTF Pool Cue Case (2)

    GTF Lizard Print Case


    Not sure why these are referred to as Ron Thomas or Fellini imitation cases. What they are, are very fine quality, rugged , and well built cases that have that old-school appeal that are design inspired by some of the greats. Look at the backside photos, the seem is virtually unnoticeable and the print matches where the lid and the case meet. This case was previously owned but never used. It’s as new as it gets without coming directly from the manufacturer. This case comes with the original sleeve and key.

    “Thanks for a great transaction.”  Ed / Madeira Beach, Florida


  • Ernie Martinez cue

    Ernie Martinez


    We have here a beautiful Martinez cue with two shafts. Marked light play only for the bluing in the shafts. Both shafts are very clean and ding free. The butt of this cue also looks new. The woods that Ernie selected for this cue are stunning. The Coco wrap is very richly grained and the dots in this Birdseye are fantastic. We try to bring great looking, collectible playing cues to our customers. Here’s one at a very low price. You get everything plus that great playing hit that Ernie’s cues are known for.

  • It's George Cue Case (12)

    It’s George Case 1 x 2


    A very nice vintage case. Has seen some use but is in very good condition. Latch works. Very minimal bluing in the interior, (see pictures). Some light scratches and scrapes on the exterior but none so deep as they are through the leather. Mike Roberts is making a very limited production of new cases in this style that are selling for more than twice this price. This is a very classic case with a low price that makes it usable and not just for storage.

  • Instroke Case (15)

    Instroke Leather 2 X 4


    A very nice looking “Cowboy Style” real leather case. This case has been used but but is in great condition. All zippers, pockets, Straps, and handles work as they should. When buying a case the things to look for are is the wear on the lid, bottom, grommets, handles, straps, corners of the pockets, and the interior. This case passes all the tests in those areas. Leave your Melton and Justice at home. With enough room for your player, jump, break and all the gadgets, this is a perfect league case.

  • Schon SP 1404 Cue (3)

    Schon SP 1404


    Schon is German for beautiful and this cue is that. This cue looks like a new cue. 8 points in the forearm and 8 in the sleeve. Very high quality Birdseye maple used in the wrap area and all of the points. The Ebony is very dark in the forearm. Outstanding work as you would expect from Schon.

  • McDermott Stinger NG01 Jump Break Cue  (17)

    McDermott Stinger NG01 Jump/Break


    Here’s a great find for someone in the market for a good jump/break. This cue is in great condition and was well taken care of. These cues retail for $178.50 and that’s without the set of joint protectors. At this price you can stop settling on a bar cue as your breaker. Our price on this cue includes shipping.

  • Ariel Carmeli Hoppe 06 - 2009  (2)

    Ariel Carmeli


    A very cool Hoppe style from Ariel Carmeli. This cue is in great condition with a new leather wrap. Intense Curly Maple forearm has Ebony points with old school colored veneers found in the original Willie Hoppe’s. The bumper can be removed for that bumper-less look or left on for added protection when you feel it’s needed. We love this feature and are not sure why it is not used more often. Shaft 1 comes with a new Kamui Clear tip and Shaft 2 has a new Moori medium. For the price this is a very sharp cue that boasts Ariel’s great hit.

  • Tascarella Cue (18)



    Simply beautiful. Classic look by one of the best when it comes to this look. Pete hits a home run with this cue. Great looking veneers, old school brown phenolic collars with thick rings,  1-1/2″ Delrin butt cap with a dark brown bumper. The white with brown spec linen is fits this cue perfectly. Shaft 1 has a Kamui medium tip and both ferrules are natural.

  • Mike Gulyassy Sledgehammer Cue

    Gulyassy Sledgehammer


    One of the original Mike Gulyassy Patent Pending Sledgehammer custom made jump / break cues. Beautiful striped Mahogany butt handle with a curly Maple forearm and Malachite green rings. This is a one owner cue purchased at the 2005 US Open 9 Ball Championship. The phenolic tip was changed to a hard buffalo by Guy Castillo making it legal for tournament play. When Mike was making this run of sledgehammers he was including the Tiger X shafts as an upgrade. We have to point out some light wear at the bottom of the butt cap and some wear on the finish of the shaft by the collar. Other than the small finish issues this cue is in fantastic shape. The butt and shaft  are ding and dent free. The shaft rolls true and is silky smooth.

  • Thomas Wayne Cue (4)

    Thomas Wayne


    A beautiful cue by Thomas in the South West style. Rosewood points into an Ebony forearm with Ebony butt sleeve. Perfectly installed elephant ear wrap. Has a bottle nose tapered forearm similar to that of a SW cue. This is a great opportunity to own a cue by a top tier cue maker at a very low price. Delivers a very firm hit with either shaft. Great collectible or player.

    “I recently bought a cue from Custom Billiard Cue. A very smooth transaction. The Cue was everything they said it was. I hope we can do business again in the future. Thanks again,”  Tony / Rossville, Illinois