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  • Willie Hoppe cue

    Brunswick Willie Hoppe Professional


    A definite time capsule cue. It looks as though it has been refinished. However; there are no dents, dings or scratches under the finish that would suggest that it was refinished. The veneers are flat and without luster suggesting that it was not recently sanded. Not a dent or ding on the shaft also. The blemish in the wood above the 22 is just that. It is not a burn, scratch or filled dent. It is just a character mark in the wood from a time when such things did not matter to those who where making the cues.  You could use it for a conversion but in this condition it makes a very fine collectible. The shaft has a less than 16th of an inch taper that does not affect play. When the shaft is rolled on our table the center does not touch. It is that slight of a taper. We don’t know the history on this cue but sometimes cues just have a way of not getting played and then resurfacing. If you’re looking for a Hoppe for your collection don’t pass this one up.

  • Adam Balabushka Cue

    Adam Cue – Balabushka replica cs – 436


    A brand new Adam Cue Balabushka replica. the MSRP of this cue was $950.00. This is the discontinued version that pre-dates today’s Bushka replica. It looks like the current model GB3 that has a MSRP of $660.00. We only point out these prices to let you know that this is a very good price on a new; never played cue. This is a superb player for the cost. It has a very sharp – solid hit with great looks.

  • Schon Cue (13)

    Schon STL 4


    A beautiful Schon STL 4. The butt on this cue shows very little use. When we got it it had a worn wrap so we replaced it with a reverse color of white with black speck. Also it had no shaft, so we replaced that with a vintage Schon stamped collar shaft. An up-grade considering these shafts sell for $150.00 to $200.00. The ring work on the shaft collar matches the the joint “D” ring perfectly. A great hit and very sharp looking. At this price you’ll be getting a super player that will hold it’s value.

  • Ned Morris cue

    Ned Morris


    No matter whats on the surface; plain Jane or fully loaded, Ned has a highly regarded reputation for building cues that play great. The diamonds in the forearm and joint protectors are all natural, as are the tops of the protectors. We have to point out that the top of the butt joint protector has been cracked. Probably dropped on a hard surface. It can easily be repaired for around twenty dollars. The shafts feel brand new and this cue hits! All of Ned’s cues are collectible and so is this one, but this is also a serious cue for a serious player.

    “Smooth transaction! Good guy to buy from.”  Jeff / Ewa Beach, Hawaii


  • Adam's Frank Paradise cue

    Adam Cue – Frank Paradise replica cs 431


    Great looking Adam Cue. This cues list price was $1000.00 when it was first out and that was with a linen wrap. It has a very solid hit and would make a great player as well as a collectible for those Adam Cue aficionados. The points and veneers are truly beautiful. At this price it won’t last long.

  • Leonard Bludworth cue (18)



    Another great looking cue from Leonard Bludworth. Five Ebony points set into a darker stained Birdseye Maple. The darker color really gives this cue a rich look. Bludworth cues are known for their very solid hit and this cue is no exception.

    “I got my cue today, can’t wait to try it out. Thank you. I’ll be sending people your way.”  Art / Kansas City, Missouri

  • leonardbludworthcue



    This cue is in excellent condition. It really looks like new and at this price your getting a custom cue for the cost of a production cue. With Leonard no longer making cues all of them are steadily going up in value. For this price you can make this your player and collector.

  • Bludworth cue



    A very nice looking Leonard Bludworth. We have seen a Bludworth similar to this one selling for much more and this cue looks new. For this price you’ll be getting a great playing, custom collectable cue.

  • Meucci cue

    Meucci Cue


    Here’s a great older Meucci at a very low price. We put this cue from around the early 1990’s. The shaft is clean, straight and ding free. It is starting to get that yellowing in the finish that looks great on the older Meuccis. There are some very small dings; nothing through the finish and hardly noticeable, on the forearm. The two points are a elforyn type material with very sharp veneers. At this price you could add a composite shaft built to your specs and have a 2 shaft cue for under four hundred dollars.

  • Tim Scruggs cue 96 (14)

    Tim Scruggs “96″


    This cue shows signs of play, but not abuse. A great-looking merry widow with a lot of eyes in the maple. The wrap is double pressed, very flat. The shafts are original to this cue and have melamine ferrules making it a great cue for our overseas market. This cue Has been getting a lot of looks so we shot new / bigger  pictures and replaced the old. We also had the shafts restored, removing the chips around the collars. Notice the last two pictures. We strive to sell only the best of quality in our cues and cases.